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Walmart Online Shopping Vs.Going To Walmart

I Hate Visiting Your Local Walmart Stores, There Are Always So Many People And Never Enough Registers Open If I Go At "Normal" Hours.

I Don't Venture To Your Store During The Busy Time Of The Day. If I Need To Shop I Go Before 6 Am Or After 7 PM. It's Just A Busy Place, Even The Self Check Out Registers Never Stop. Walmart-garden-center

I Have Read Some Reviews About How "Bad" And Unfriendly You Employees Are. Personally, I Have Never Had This Problem.

I Am A True Believer That Other Folks Respond To Us By The Way We Respond To Them. They Are Always Friendly To Me And Have Gone Out Of Their Way On Many Occasions To Help Me Find Something.


You Can't Beat Walmart Prices Most Of The Time. I Actually Started Shopping Walmart Online Before I Ever Shopped In The Stores.Roll-back

I Can't Handle The People Situation. I Do Believe I Have Mentioned I Am An Energy Conduit (Empath) And When I Get In Crowds All This Energy Bothers Me. It Stresses Me Out And I Come Home Exhausted.

A Few Years Ago I had A Flock Of Chickens, And I Did Not Want Them To Live In A Pen. I Wanted Them To Run Free But I knew They Needed Some Kind Of Enclosure Or They Were Going To Eat Every Bit Of My Garden.

So I Enclosed A Large Area, It Was About 25 Feet x 60 Feet. I Wasn't Prepared For What Happened Next.

Every Local Hawk, Buzzard, And Fox In The Vicinity Learned Really Quick, About My Chickens. I Managed To Secure The Ground Area With Spikes And Wire, so Even A Digging Fox Was Not Getting In.

The Problem Going On Above My Head Was A Big Issue. I was Constantly Chicken Sitting and Running Off The Local Hawk. Not To Mention How Much Work It Was To Gather The Flock. Then Lock Them In The 8x10 Cage They Stayed In At Night.


I Went To The Local Farmers Supply Store, But They Did Not Have Any Of The Large Size I Needed. I Was Shocked At How Much Money This Bird Net Was Going To Costs.

I Came Home Determined I was Going To Purchase This Online. I Was Also Devastated By The Online Prices, This Was Not Going To Be Cheap.

Some How During Relentless Searches I Found One! Just The Right Size And It Was Dirt Cheap. I Was Shocked, It Was Wally World(Walmart).


The Walmart Online Ordering And Payment Was Simple And Easy, So I ordered It. It Came So Fast, And My Chickens Sure Were Glad! I Have Been An Online Customer Ever Since.


Another Time They Saved Me From My Own Mess Of Not Planning Well Was The Yarn Story.

I Had A Crochet Rug Project I Started To Make With Older Yarn I Already Had On Hand. I Ran Out And I Checked The Local Store I Had Originally Purchased It At Only To Find They No Longer Carried It.

Yarn Is Like Fashion

Yarn Is Like Fashion, And They Are Always Changing Out The Old Designs For New Patterns And Colors Of Yarn. Of Course, I Found It Online At Walmart.

This Time I Did It A Little Different. It Was Not And Urgent Purchase, And I Did Not Want To Tag On Extra For The Shipping. So I Had It Delivered To The Local Store For Pick-Up.

This Took A Little Longer, And I Was Not Fond Of Having To Go In The Store And Wait In Customer Service Lines.

Even That Was Not Bad. The Service Was Fast, and The Employees Was Kind And Efficient.

When I First Arrived, I Parked In The Grocery Store Pick-Up Area. When I questioned The Employee, He Informed Me I was Not Supposed To Park There. He Told Me, Hurry And Next Time You Will Know.

He Let Me Stay Parked There. Does Not Sound Like "Bad Employees"Too Me

Now I Do Both,

I Shop in The local Store Only When I Plan The Trip To Avoid All The People And Busy Registers.

Grocery Pick-Up

I Have Never Attempted The Grocery Pick-Up Yet, But I Plan To.

I Use A Lot Of Fresh Produce I Like Yo Pick Myself. If Any Of You Have Tried The Online Grocery Pick, Please Leave A Comment And Let Us Know How Your Experience Was.

The Local Stores Carry A Lot Of Items I Have Trouble Finding In Other Stores, And It Is Always At A Lower Price.

Tom's And Hello Toothpaste Are Always A Better Price At Walmart. I Also Use This Old Brand Coconut Soap, And I Can Only Find It At One Other Store In This Area, But It Is Over.50 More And There Are 2 Bars Instead Of The Three I usually Buy At Walmart.

The Garden CenterWalmart garden center

I Made My Garden Trip There A Couple Of Weeks Back Because Of Another Walmart Discovery I had On Accident Last Year.

My Garden. Did Mention That I use Organic Fertilizer And Grow Organic Produce?Flower-Gardens

Organic Garden Supplies Are Not Cheap So I figured I would Check On The Price Of Their Fertilizer.

Not Only Was It A Better Price I Found Out They Had A Huge Variety Full Of Beautiful Organic Vegetable Plants! Tomatoes, Peppers, Squashes, Eggplant I Filled Up My Carriage.

This Year I Am Late Because Of My Deer Friends And The Queen, MS.Poison Ivy. So I decided to Sneak In And See If They Had ANYTHING Left. Most Of The Stores In North Carolina Usually Start Removing The Garden Supplies In June. It Is Just Too Hot Here.

I Found What I Needed They Have Some Beautiful Plants, Healthy Looking, Even This Late In Our N Carolina Season. They Are In The Secret Garden Already Being Tended To By The Garden Fairies.Healthy-Garden-Plants

Today I decided We Should Take A Look Around The Online Garden Shop. It Is Time For All Those Garden Flowers To Have What They Need To Bloom Through The Season.

Time To Put Invasive Plants In Pots And Maybe Find Some Unique Home Decor To Add Some Spice To Our Patio Living. They Have So Many Patio Living Ideas, You Don't Know Which One To Pick.

Pebble Embossed Stone Finish Round Planter (Small)Pebble-Embossed-Stone-Finish-Round-Planter-(Small)

Love Where You Live With Winsome House Planters. This Planter IS Made Of Durable Fiber-Clay, With A Decorative Pebble-Design

  • Decorative Pebble Band Stone Finish Round Planter (Small) is extremely durable, and can withstand most effects of weathering.
  • The smooth finish with pebble band provides a traditional look and feel of Southwestern d?cor.
  • UV Resistant
  • Includes drainage holes, 0.8" - 1"

    Adams Deck Planterdeck-planter

deck-planter                                                                                                   Extra-large, Deck Box - Stronger Than Typical Planters, The Thick Walls Will Not Bend After planting. The planter Includes a Plug For Drainage. Constructed of Resin, It Will Not Rust, Peel, or Rot And Is UV ProtecteSo its Color Will Not Fade. Perfect To Add A Splash Of Color To Your Deck or Patio.
Adams Deck Planter:

  • Extra-large, sturdy deck box
  • Thick walls will not bend when planted
  • Includes plug for easy drainage
  • Adams planter is constructed of durable resin
  • Will not rust, peel or rot
  • UV-protected to maintain its color
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Looks nice on apartment balconies or backyard patios
  • Comes in 3 different colors: White, Sage Green and portobello

Modesto 42 Inch Tall Planter - Black       

  With a sloped top and grooved texture, the Modesto collection offers a bold twist to a contemporary design that truly captures the elusive flair of European styling. It’s hard to believe such beauty and elegance can be found in a form that appears so simple and Un-contrived. Make a statement with this highly functional and attractive planter.

  • Textured finish for increased durability
  • Constructed from 100% polyethylene which delivers an amazingly realistic and incredibly strong planter.
  • The weather-proof and ultra-tough construction allows you to enjoy your planter all year long with very little winter preparation.
  • Double wall design for increased rigidity
  • Outside Dimensions: 22"D x 42"H. Inside Dimensions: 45.6"D x 12.7"Deep
  • Soil Capacity: 12 Gallons (45 Liters)
  • The UV inhibitors within the resin allows for a long lasting fade-free performance.
  • Designed for year round indoor or outdoor use
  • 15 Year Warranty – Residential Application, 5 Year Warranty – Commercial Application

Decmode Set of 2 Modern 17 and 21 Inch Wood and Fiber-Clay Planters, WhiteDeck-PlantersSet of two 17", 21" New Traditional fiber clay planters, two rectangular white planters made of fiber clay and fiber glass with textured finish, four-pronged stands made of beech wood Decmode Set of 2 Modern 17 and 21 Inch Wood and Fiberclay Planters, White

  • Various dimensions in set
  • Clay, fiberglass, and wood construction
  • Select from available finish options
  • Simple modern planter box
  • 4 legs for stability
  • Includes 2 planters
  • Suitable for indoor and covered outdoor us

Urban Trends 2-Piece Ceramic Pot Planter Set  

Round Ceramic  Honey Comb design. Number of Pots Included:

  • Set includes 2 planter pots
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Honey comb design
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Number of Items Included: 2

You  Would Be Amazed At How The Patio Can Become Part Of The Garden With Some Outdoor Furniture, A Few Inviting Pieces Of Decor And Some Plant Pot Full Of Garden Flowers.

Turn Your Patio Into A Special Outdoor Living Area. They Have So Many Items For Patio Living You Can Really Make This A Special Place To Eat, Entertain Or just Read A Book.Patio-Ideas

                                                                                                                                 Outdoor Swivel Rocking Lounge ChairsPatio-LivingInstantly create an intimate conversation space with a pair of Orleans Outdoor Swivel Rocking Chairs from Hanover. Each chair features a set of plush outdoor cushions, premium handwoven resin frames, and a heavy-duty steel base for long-lasting durability. Each chair performs a 360-degree spin gentle rocking motion so guests can rest comfortably without limitations. The plush back and seat cushions are made with soft olefin fabric and extra-thick with layers of foam that will cradle you in complete comfort.The frames are treated with a 7-step protective finish so they last much longer outdoors and resist rust during the toughest weather conditions. Once assembled, place these rockers next to an end table or other patio items to create a comfortable place to retreat and catch up with a loved one.

  • Set of two swivel rocking chairs from the Orleans Collection
  • 360-degree spin performance with gentle rocking abilities
  • Handwoven resin strapping with open-weave details
  • Heavy-duty steel frames treated for ultimate outdoor weather protection
  • Plush back and seat cushions included for each chair
  • Premium olefin fabric is soft to the touch and stain-resistant
  • Thick layers of foam allow water to pass through easily, so the cushions dry faster and maintain their original shape
  • Made with low-maintenance, outdoor-grade materials
  • Assembly required
  • 1-year limited warranty

Walmart Online

So Let's Be On Our Way To Walmart Online And See What We Can Find In The Garden Shop.

Oh, Hold Up A Second. Did You Know That Walmart Had An Online Book Club Partnership With Kobo Books? You Can Access Almost 50,000 Books Online. Good Job Walmart, and Kobo. I LOVE Books!

Walmart Affiliate Program

While I Was Learning Affiliate Marketing I Discovered They Have An Affiliate Program. So I Have Joined To Promote Their Online Stores.

Online Walmart's Are Incredible Huge! They Nothing Like The Busy Lines, And Lots Of Freaky Folks, We Associate With Wally World.

They Also Carry More Items That The Old Fashion Brick And Mortar Building Could Ever Hold.

I Even Found An "Adult" Section.

Patio Living And Dressing Up Your Outside Living Areas.

Great! Now You Can Have A Garden Of Flowers Anywhere You Please Using A Planter. You Can Create Your Own Unique Home Decor With Just A Little Thought And Planning.

Patio Living


You can Fill In Areas Of Your Patio With An Array Of Flowers Pots, Majestically Showing Off Their Blooms. Feeling At Home With Nature All Around, You Can't Help But Feel AT Peace.

Containment Of Invasive Plants

Use Flower Pots For Containment Of Invasive Plants.

The Garden Season Started Off In The Behind Direction For Me This Year Right From The Gate.Flower-pots

Gardening Mindset

My First Problem Was A Mother Deer And Her Baby Displaced By Construction. At That Point I Did Blog Saying " I Am Not Having A Garden This Year', I Say That Every Year. For The Last 36 To Count And Only Once Did It Happen, The Year I Moved Here With Children Ages 11, 9,8, And 2. Whew, What A Move!

Then Spring Came and The Neighbor Mowed The Fields And I Have Not Seen The Deer Since. So I Decided We Should Have A Garden. To Match Our Garden Site. I Catch So Many Mystical Little Things Out There. I Have A Different View On Bugs Or Most Of Them.

Vegetable Gardening   vegetable-garden

So Out In The Secret Garden I Go To Start Cleaning And Get Ready To Plant My Vegetable Garden. You Know There Is Nothing Better Than Food JUST PICKED!

 A Garden With Flowers

I Clean In Layers Because There IS Something Growing Everywhere Here. The Flower Garden Witch.

Poison IvyPOISON-Ivy

On My Second Day Outside I decided To Cut Azalea's Remember? Hahaha While I was Cutting I Ran Across My Friend, Poison Ivy And Stayed Clear Of it. I am VERY Allergic! I Actually t Took Some Pics So I could Show The Difference And Folks Would Recognize Poison Ivy And Stay Clear. Hehehe

My-Friend-PoisonDay #3 My Friend Poison Decided To Attach It's Self To Me Even With Gloves and Caution. ITCHY. I Had To Stay Indoors For A Week.

I Have Some Of The Best Remedies For Poison Ivy, I Have Been Getting It All My Life. Rule Number One For Getting Rid Of Poison Ivy Is To Not Stay Out In The North Carolina HOT Sun Long. So I Go In And Out In The Morning And Evening.

Invasive Plants Belong In Planter


When I was Takings Pic's Of The Poison I also Got A Glimpse Of How Many Invasive Plants I Have Taking Over. Some Of My Invasive Plants Actually Run Up The Street. Elephant Ears! We All Have Then Now!

I Am Hard At it To Get Control Back In The Secret Garden And Put The Flowers Back In The Flower Gardens and Flower Pots And Planters.>/p>

Flower Pots Are Awesome!

What A Great Way For Someone With Limited Space To Grow Herbs And Food. A Lot Of Vegetables Do Not Need Big Planters, They Have a Small Root System.Flower Pots Are Awesome

One Of My Favorite Books Wham I first Moved Here Was Called Square Foot Gardening. It Helped Me To Appreciate How Much You Could Grow In A Small Space With Some Planning.

Life Of An Affiliate Marketer

I Have Been Accepted To Partner With Some Great Home & Garden Stores with The Most Unique Home Decor and Outside Living Products. I Feel Honored And Proud To Be Able To Share These Products For My Like Minded Friends, So I Will Follow The Rules.

Affiliate Company RulesAffiliate-Marketing

Are All Different And Follow Different Policy. Some Will Allow Me To Link You Right To The Product Page, It Is Called A Deep Or Direct Link And Promote Their Name. Some Do Not, And Only Allow Me To Use Certain Codes That They Provide.

I Like Letting You Know In Advance So You Can Navigate Through My Site Better. I See Sites Where Bloggers Write You Articles and Leave Products Links All Over And Never Give You A Clue They Are The Promoter. I Am Proud To Find This And I Work Full-Time Days To Ensure That I Have A Trusted Website And Name. My Word Is Very Important To Me.

Mystery Company

Click To Shop    Save up to 60% Off Clearance Items

This First Company Is Full Of Unique Home Decor, They Have Been Around A Long Time Since 1975. I Like That I Tend To Trust Older Companies, They Proved Their Trust.

Time for Outside Living  Great! Containment Of Invasive Plan

Three Plant Tricycle Planter           Trycicle-Planter

A Charming Accent For Your Porch, Patio, or Anywhere You Need A Little Splash Of Unique Home Decor.

The Tricycle Planter Beautifully Displays 3 Plants. Solid Iron Construction With a Bronze Finish, Flowers Pots Are Not Included.


Size 43-1/4"L x 14-1/2"W x 32"H

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Tricycle Planter-PL6301

Indoor/Outdoor Metal Fox Planter or Umbrella Stand


This Charming Indoor/Outdoor Metal Fox Planter is Overflowing With Style. Handcrafted From Aged, Copper-Colored Metal, This Unique Decor Boasts A Decidedly Foxy Female Face Complete With Lovely Eyelashes And a Bushy Tail.

Display This Lovely Vixen Anywhere Indoors or Out With a Real or Artificial Plant, or Place Her In A Hallway Disguised As The Foxiest Umbrella Stand Ever.


11" dia. x 23¾"H

Indoor/Outdoor Metal Fox Planter- HD1009

Black Wrought Iron Plant Stand with Solar Light

This Beautiful Solar Metal Plant Stand is a Wrought-iron Beauty With A Large Metal Bucket To Hold Everything From Holly Sprigs To Springtime Annuals.

It Stands Firmly On Four Curled Iron Feet That Gracefully Arc Up And Around The Planter Bucket, Accented With Wire "Stems" And Artfully Crafted Leaves.

The Lantern At Its Top Is Traditional In Style, But Modern In Technology. Powered By A Discreet Solar Panel It Adds A Charming Glow After Dark. A Truly Unique Addition To A Front Porch or Walkway.


17¾" dia. x 39¾"H

4.75 out of 5 stars

Black Wrought Iron Plant Stand With Solar Light
- PL6849

Antiqued Wrought Iron Plant Stand With Solar Light

Antiqued Wrought Iron Plant Stand With Solar Light, IT Has A Large Metal Bucket To Hold Your Favorite Plant. It Stands Firmly On Four Curled Iron Feet Accented With Wire "Stems" And Artfully Crafted Leaves.

Powered by A Discreet Solar Panel, It Adds A Charming Glow After Dark. Treated With An Antiqued, Copper-Colored Finish.

This Planter Will Be A Truly Elegant Addition To Any Part Of Your Yard or Garden That Needs A Little Lighting Up


17¾" dia. x 39¾"H

Antiqued Wrought Iron Plant Stand with Solar - Light


Clay Planters on Wooden Legs, Set of 2 - Dark Gray

Get Ready To Garden With This Handy And Attractive Set Of Two Clay Planters on Wooden Legs. The Rectangular Planter Boxes Are Fashioned From Clay Mixed With Fibers To Give It A Cement-Like Quality And A Modern Industrial Look That Won't Distract From The Beauty Of Your Plants And Flowers.

Each Planter Stands On Four Beech Wood Legs That Are Treated With A Protective Coating For Outdoor Use. Each Planter Has Drainage Holes In The Bottom.

Set Of 2 Clay Planters Includes One Small And One Large.


Dimensions Small 17¾"L x 8¾"W x 12½"H

Large 21¾"L x 10½"W x 14½"H

Clay Planters Dark Gray
- PL6881DGY

Library Planter

California Artisan Michael Gentilucci Designed This "Library-Stack" Planter In Weather-Durable Cast Stone. Three Book-Styled Saucers Are Indented To Fit A Matching Planter (Or Your Own Flower Pot.) Stack Saucers In Any Order! Planter Is Drilled For Drainage. Each Piece is Designer stamped.


Size 7-1/2"H x 8"W

100% of Respondents Would Recommend This To A Friend

Library Planter

Metal Solar Pickup Truck Planter - Black, Red, or Blue

Metal Solar Pickup Truck Planters Have A Vintage Design That Looks Just Like The Classic Pickups You Still See On Farms Today.

Made of Metal With A Distressed Finish, These Whimsical Decorative Accents Feature A Solar Panel At The Top Of The Cab That Powers The Headlights When The Sun Goes Down.

Give Your Space A Touch Of Classic Style That Will Bring Your Nostalgia To Life By Adding A Small Plant To The Bed Of The Truck Or By Displaying Them On Their Own!


17½"L x 7"W x 8¼"H

Metal Solar Pickup Truck Planter -
52714 BK

Tall Rust-Colored Stone Planter

Tall Rust-Colored Stone Planter Will Serve As A Focal Point Indoors Or Out. Crafted Of Stone Fiber So It's Lighter Than Concrete And Less Fragile, A Large Planter That Can Hold Tall, Ornamental Plants Or Dried Garden Flowers.

This Stone Planter's Fishbowl-Inspired Design Gives It An Artisanal Look. Use It To Add Height To Any Flowerbed Or Garden Corner, Or Place Two Stone Planters As Markers To A Home's Entryway Or Outdoor Retreat.

Its Rust-Colored Finish Will Complement Any Interior Or Exterior Decor. A High-Quality, Weather-Durable Planter That Can Be Used For Years To Come


Dimensions19" dia. x 30"H

Tall Rust-Colored Stone Planter
- SC8471

Ceramic Vintage Pickup Truck Planter

Ceramic Vintage Pickup Truck Planter Is Must-Have For Lovers Of Trucks, Antiques Or Just Plain Fun Décor Items. This Cartoon-Like Interpretation Of A Classic Pickup Features Oversized Headlights, A Bright Red Paint Scheme, And A Fully Open Bed,

Ready To Provide A Home For Your Favorite Plant. There's Even A Sunroof Atop The Cab Where You Can Pop Yet Another Small Plant. Displayed Indoors Or Out, This Whimsical Ceramic Planter Is A Fun And Unusual Alternative To Plain Old Flowerpots.


Dimensions11½"L x 6"W x 5"H

Ceramic Vintage Pickup Truck Planter
- PL6862

Cast Stone Fairy Head Planter

Add A Little Magic To Your Landscape With A Cast Stone Fairy Head Planter. Handcrafted In The USA, This Charming Planter Is Cast In Stone From A Beautifully Detailed Original Sculpt By Artist Michael Gentilucci.

Her Angular Features And Pointed Ears Are Telltale Signs Of Her Enchanted Woodland Nature. She Even Has Freckles On Her Cheeks Shaped Like Stars And Jewelry In The Form Of Leaves And Gemstones.

This Fairy Head Garden Planter Is Treated With An Integrated Coloring Technique To Produce A Natural Ocher-Colored Finish. She's Then Treated With A Protective Sealer To Guard Her Against The Elements,

However, We Do Recommend Bringing Your Planter Indoors During Freezing Temperatures.

Able To Accommodate Up To A 6" Pot, You Can Also Plant Directly Into The Fairy Planter Thanks To Integrated Drainage Holes.

Will You Plant A Bushy Boxwood To Give Her A "Permed" Look Or Maybe Some Vines That Will Drape Down Over Her Shoulders. Whatever You Choose, This Is Certainly Not Your Run Of The Mill Flower Pot!


10" dia. x 13" H, 30 lbs

Cast Stone Fairy Head Planter-GO7698

Metal Robot Planters, Set of 2

Add Some Fun To The Garden With The Set Of 2 Whimsical Metal Robot Planters. One Appears To Be A Creative Assemblage Of Flower Pots, While His Pal Is Bit Boxier.

Add Your Favorite Potted Plant To Their Heads, And You've Got An Indoor Or Outdoor Delight That's Sure To Raise Lots of Smiles.

Pick The Plant That Creates The Hairdo Of Your Choice. Something Big And Bushy? Or Maybe Something With Long Vines For A Bit Of A "Hippie" Look. It's All Up To You. These Two Metal Robot Planters Will Be All Smiles No Matter How You Style Them


Dimensions: Large 14"W x 37"H x 9"D

Small 16½"W x 31"H x 7½"D

Metal Robot Planters, Set of 2


Vintage Smiling Turtle Flowerpot

Vintage Smiling Turtle Flowerpot Is Ready To Lend His Support To A Plant Or 2. Hand-Cast In The USA In Solid Stone, This Happy Fellow Is A Recreation Of A Classic Vintage Planter. Our Turtle Planter Is Produced With Integrated Coloring To Create A Mossy Green Look And Sealed For Outdoor Use. He'll Be A Delightful Addition To A Porch Or Deck, But We Do Recommend Bringing Him Inside During Freezing Temperatures.

Striding Forward With His Head Raised, Our TTurtle Planter's Back Is Hollowed Out To Accommodate Plants Of Your Choice. The Coloring Stain Used On Our Cast-Stone Turtle Is Environmentally Friendly And Because Every Planter Is Crafted By Hand, The Variations In Color Will Make Each Piece Unique. Vintage Smiling Turtle Flowerpot-GO7699

Cylinder Planters on Wooden Stand             New for Spring!              Embrace The Industrial Chic Look With These Fabulous On-Trend Planters. A Throwback to Mid-Century Modern Style, These Set of Cylinder Planters Features a Removable Wood Stand That Can Be Flipped For Added Height. The Planter’s Sleek Design Allows For Small Space Styling Perfect For a Terrace, Deck or Balcony. Fired Without Glaze For a Modern Look Made From Clay Fiber Features a Removable Wood Stand That Can Be Flipped For Added Height Deep Setting Accommodates a Variety of Plant And Floral Arrangements Eco-Friendly Planters Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use.
Set of 2

Large- 12.25"Dia. x 24"H
Small- 9.75"Dia. x 15.5"H
Cylinder Planters

On Wooden Stands-

Buddha Bust Planter

Made of Sustainable Materials (Glass Reinforced Concrete) and Peaceful design elements, these Buddha Bust Planters Are Sculptural Works of Art. Pair as a Duo or let Them Stand Solo – They Bring Serenity To Any Patio or Corner Nook. Sold Separately

Made of Glass Reinforced Concrete
Drainage Hole That Allows You To Plant Directly Into The Container
For Indoor or Outdoor Use
Handcrafted In Bali

Buddha Bust Planter

Small- 10”L x 9.5”W x 10”H V4268 $49.00

Medium- 11”L x 10.5”W x 11.5”H V4269

That Is All I have From The Mystery Store For The Moment.

Head To Your Favorite Patio Spot And And Enjoy Browsing! Now Is A Great Time Of Year To Look Through All The New Arrivals, Exclusive Designs, Up-cycled and Repurposed Artist Showing Their Wares.

They Deserve Our Support And So Does Mother Earth Who Tends To All The Flower Gardens Of This Paradise.

Now I am Off,Back Out To My Vegetable Garden As The Days Cools Off.

Then To Next Eco Friendly Company In My Search Of More Flower Pots And Planters To Dress Up Your Outdoor Living Areas.

Happy Gardening,


This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure Opens in a new windowfor more infoMe


I love Frogs

I love Frogs I Crochet Frogs And Other Nature Beings For A Hobby. I Used To Make Frog Rugs And Sell Them In An Etsy Shop. I Love All The Handcrafted Items Etsy Has To Offer, But They Have All This Favorite B.S. And Other Games You Have To Play To Get Noticed..Girl-Frogs

And Then...

You Have To Pay Etsy Listing Fees And/or PayPal Sales Fees. eBay Also Has This Practice. No More Middle Man To Raise The Price Of Our Frogs.

This Frog Rug Is Looking For A Home, But She Is Not listed Anywhere, I Made Her With A Lot Of Love. WHY Not, Tell You About Her. She Was Made For A Little Girl That Passed Before This Present Ever Reached Her. 🙁

When I look At Her It Is A Reminder Of All The Princesses Out There Who Would Love To Sit In Her Froggy Arms And Read A Book. You Can Inquire By Email If You Want To Take Her home. She Is The First Girl Frog I Crocheted. Isn't She Beautiful?

I Can Find Us All The Frogs We Want. From My Handcrafted Rugs To Large Handcrafted Frog Garden Statues. This Blog Today Is To Highlight All Frogs From The Smallest To The largest.

They Are Fascinating Little Creatures With A Personality All Their Own.

Scientifically Speaking It's Anura Here Today

I Love The Mystical Little Spirit Of Frogs And Toads Don't You?

Although Toads Seem To Thrive In The Land They Like frogs Start Off As A Tadpole In Water.

In The Mystical Dimensions, WE See Fairies Riding On Frogs And Toads All The Time. It's Their Ride Man, Got To Get Around Somehow, That's How Some Fairies Roll. Do You Have Any Frog facts You Could Share or Are Just Amazed By?

There Are So Many Online Stories About Frog Facts And Stories, I Could Read For Days. Great Fairy Garden Ideas Come When You Read About Toad And Frog Facts And Create A Habitat They Flourish In. You Want To Welcome These Visitors To Your Garden They Are Such A Benefit To The Fairy Gardens Community.

In My Secret Garden

In My Secret Garden I  Mostly Run Across Big Fat Garden Toads, But There Are A Lot Of Small Green Tree Frogs In North Carolina And They Like To Stick To My Windows At Night. They Occasionally Get In The House, But I Try To Get Them Back To Safety.

These Little Frogs Don't Need to drink water they absorb it through their Skin, So They Do Need To Access Water To Stay Alive. They Eat A Diet Of Insects, Not All Bugs Are Good In Your Garden.


These Little Creatures Are A Great Addition To Your Garden. They Are More Of A Land Species And Don't Need To Be So Close To Water. Their Skin Is Drier Almost Camouflage Color Of Dirt. I Don't Know How Many Times Over The Years I Have Stumbled Upon Them And Not Noticed Until I Almost Step On Them.

I Find Them All Over The Place In My Early Spring-Clean Ups. Still, Sleepily Hiding Borrowed In The Garden Beds. I Try To Avoid Them Burrowing In My Vegetable Beds Because I Use A Tiller And I Don't Want To Hurt Them, Sometimes They Like To Play Dead Scaring Me Thinking I Hurt Them, Little Buggers.

home-is-where-your-heart-isSo I Try To Make Them Safe Spots In The Garden Flowers And Surrounding Areas. If You Leave A Flower Pot Upside Down Hidden In Your Garden Flowers It Makes Your Fairy Gardens Come Alive With Life, And It Also Helps Keep Your Little Froggy Folks Safe.

They Like To Hide In A Cool Shady Moist Dark Spot And Will Burrow Down Under These Pots If You Hide Some Around Your Garden I Have Even Used Broken Pieces From Large Clay Pots Turned Over Like A Bridge.frog-decorations

Some Folks Like To Get Fancy And Decorate These Pots So It Is Also A Fun Craft If You Want To Make A Toad House. Great Way To Have Fun With Your Kids And Get Them Interested In Garden Life.

You Really Do Not Need To Purchase Much if you are Creative. You Will Need Some Kind Of Dome To Turn Upside Down For Them To Burrow Under. It Can Be ANYTHING! My Favorite Is A Clay Pot, But You Could Use An Old Deep Glass Bowl, An Extra Large Coffee Cup, An Old Coffee Can(The Metal Ones Tend To Age Rapidly Under The Moist Dark Conditions. I Like Staying With Glass.

The Next Thing You Will Need Really Depends On You, Your Budget And What You Already Have And How You Want To Decorate You Toad Habitat. Even How Much Ttme You Have.

It Could Be A Quick Project With just a little paint if you enjoy painting. Or You Can Do Your Children's Hand-Prints, if They Are Young And Want To Make Keepsakes.Frogs-and-toads

You Could Add To That If You Had A Saucer To Turn Upside Down For A "Roof". There Are So Many Ideas.

You Could Paint A Face On It And Put The Drip Bowl(Saucer) On The Top And Plant A Small Variety Of Hair (moss).

If You Feel Like Taking A Different Route You Could Decorate It With A Glue Gun And Some Shells Or Pretty Glass Beads. You May Need To Grout The Beads. This Is Also A Good Way To Hide A Crack If You Insisted On Trying To Make A Hole For A Door. That Really Is Cosmetic, They Do Not Need It To Get In Their Frog Home. hahaha Paint A Door If You Really Want One.

They Burrow In The Earth During The Hot Day And Know How To Get In. But You Are Getting My Point. Make Your Toad House.

Now We Find The Perfect Spot In Our Fairy Gardens. I Like To Hide Mine On The Outskirts Of My Flower Garden. I Don't Till This Often And It Keeps Them Safe From Myself Along With Other Predators.

Find Your Spot, A Shady Little Hide Out And Push It Firmly Into The Soil So It Does Not Tip Over OR Be Turned Over By A Nosy Cat Or The Like. After You Do All This You Can Entertain The Thought Of Some Kind Of Water Source.

Remember, Your Little Friends Still Need To Access Water. Plus, If You Want To Multiply Your Toad Family The Tadpoles Still Needs Water To Begin Their Life.

I Have A Huge Garden And It Would Take Me A Long Time To Handcraft All The Toad Homes I think About, I Just Do Not Have The Time.Board laid flat

I Leave My Toad Family Water Sources And Many Items They Turn Into Homes, Even A Small Board Laid Flat Will Attract The Nature Now That I No Longer Have Time Or Children To Make Such Fun DIY Projects I Just Make Sure To Leave Them A Home And Decorate The Whole Community Within The Fairy Gardens. Here Are Some Of My Favorite Of That ANURA Family Exclusively For You.

Grumpy Frog Sculpture

Grumpy-Frog -culpture

This Grumpy Frog Statue Is The Perfect Gift For The Frog Lover In Your Life. He's Seated With His Arms Crossed And A Grumpy Attitude On Top Of A Rock. Maybe That's Why He's Grumpy!

I'm Sure This
Grumpy Frog Garden Statue Would Only Be Grumpier If He Knew You Were Enjoying Him, But Hey, He's A Statue.

This Angry Amphibian Will Quite Contentedly Sit In Your Garden Through Any Kind of Weather. And Not Like One Minute of It!                                                                                                                               Exclusive Design. Cast In Weather-Resistant Resin For Year-Round Outdoor Display

A playful Gift For any Anura Lover!

7½"L x 7¼"W x 16¼"H

4.2 Rated 4.17 out of 5 Stars


Happy Frog Tabletop Birdbath                               FROG -BIRD -BATH

Birds Won't Be The Only Ones Enjoying This Charming Happy Frog Tabletop Birdbath. A Friendly Froggy Is Staking A Claim To This Birdbath To Make It His Own Personal Soaking Tub. We're Sure The Local Birds Won't Mind. In Fact, You'll Probably Be Keeping An Eye Out To Catch One Perched On His Head!

Cast In Weather-Resistant Resin From A Delightful Original Sculpture, The Bath Appears To Be Made From Rocks, Giving It A Really Natural Look. The Addition Of A Whimsical...And Decidedly Cheerful...Little Frog Just Amps Up The Fun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                10"L x 10½"W x 4½"H                                                                                                                                   

Happy Frog Tabletop Birdbath GO8016                                                

$24.95  Expected Ship: 07-30-2019


Thinking Frog Garden Statue


ON SALE! Was $59.95 You Save $34.96 (59%) $24.99

This Thinking Frog Garden Statue Certainly Has Something On His Mind. Is He Contemplating The Great Questions Of Life? Or Just Whether It's Time For Bug Watching?

This Engrossed Green Fellow Is A Whimsical Take On Rodin's Classic Statue"The Thinker." This Frog Will Look Just As Delightful Pondering By A Pond As He Will Deliberate In Your Den. Exclusive Design.

Frog Garden Stature Reinterpreting The Classic "Thinker" Statue Cast In Weather-Resistant Resin And Painted Green One Foot Tall A Delightful Decoration For Indoors or Out

7½" dia. x 12"H

Was $59.95 You Save $34.96 (59%) $24.99

Frog Fairy House


This Whimsical Vine-Covered Frog Fairy House Gets Its Name From The Delightful Visitor Who's Claimed A Spot On The Roof.

Internal LEDs Are Powered By A Discreet Solar Panel To Cast A Welcoming Glow After Dark Through The Windows And The Heart-Shaped Peephole.

Cast In Resin For Year-Round Outdoor Display, This Adorable Little Home In A Stone Is Going To Make Some Backyard Fairies Very Happy. Exclusive Design.

5½"L x 5"W x 8¾"H$29.95

Metal Mama & Baby Frogs Colorful Metal Sculpture           

Charming Metal Mama And Baby Frogs Colorful Metal Sculpture Captures A Moment In The Life Of A Mother. This Colorful Metal Sculpture Of A Mama Frog With Two Babies Will Help You Smile Through The Busiest Day.

Handcrafted From Reclaimed Metal By Indonesian Artisans, Each Amphibious Art Piece Is Hand Painted In Bright, Vibrant Colors.

Display This Cheery Trio Inside or Out, Wherever A Splash Of Color And Whimsy Are In Order!

11¼"L x 12¼"W x 8"H


Frog Riding Motorcycle Metal Wind Spinner


Frog Riding Motorcycle Metal Wind Spinner Is Breaking All The Garden Rules! A Cool Green Frog Wearing Goggles And All Is Cruising On His Stylish Chrome, A Black and Red Chopper With Classic Tall Handlebars.

Every Time The Breeze Blows, The Two Sets Of Silver Spokes On His Low Rider Motorcycle Spinner Will Twirl Smoothly In The Wind.

Handcrafted From Recycled Sheet Metal And Hand Painted By Artisans In Indonesia, This Vibrant Piece Of Motorcycle Kinetic Yard Art Is Given A Protective Finish So Our Fearless Frog Can Keep Chasing The Wind All Season Long.

A Unique Piece Of Fun And Funky This Frog Spinner Is For Any Yard And Garden. Motorcycle Enthusiasts And Frog Lovers Of All Ages Will Love This Unique Wind Sculpture!

Frog On Motorcycle Garden Wind Spinner Handcrafted From Reclaimed Sheet Metal Motorcycle' s Chrome Spokes Will Spin In The Breeze Vibrant, Iridescent Finish Weather Durable For Year-Round Outdoor Use

23"L x 4¾"W x 56"H

4.7 Rated 4.68 out of 5 stars


Set of 3 Metal Frog Pot Huggers

Grow Your Plants By Leaps And Bounds With A Set Of Three Metal Frog Pot Huggers. One Froggy Friend Hangs Upside-Down, Another Toady Fellow Hangs Tightly To The Side Of Your Planter, While A Third And Final Frog Reaches Up Into Your Pot With Legs Leaping Forward.

"Installation" Is Easy: Simply Place Each Dangling Frog Accent On Your Pot or Planter's Rim, And He'll Hang There For Seasons To Come!

Vibrant Primary Colors Of Red And Yellow Mix Delightfully With Secondary Colors Like Green And Purple, While Geometric Shapes Dance And Play Along The Rounded Surface Of Each Metal Frog Sculpture. Handcrafted In Indonesia

Approx. 5"W x 12"H

4.8 Rated 4.83 out of 5 stars


Giant Handcrafted Metal Frog with Binoculars

Frog with Binoculars

Just Chillin And Searching The Skies, Totally Unaware That Everyone Is Looking At Him! I Guess Size Does Matter. This Whimsical Frog Is Over 3 1/2 Feet Tall And Sits Casually, Legs Crossed, On Any Seat or Edge.

The Question Is, What Is Our Curious Frog Looking At Through His Binoculars—Is He Bug Watching, Gazing At An Alien Ship Or Watching Planes Fly Over?

Hand-Hammered From Recycled Weather-Resistant Sheet Metal By Balinese Artisans, Then Finished With Mottled Green And Bronze Hues.

Ready To Enjoy The Sunshine All Year Long, This
Metal Frog Garden Art Is An Impressive Accent For Your Patio Wall,
Garden Bench or Indoor Decor. Frog With Binoculars Is Unique Home Decor At it's Best! Indoor or Outdoor

16"W x 15½"D x 41"H

4.7 Rated 4.71 Out of 5 Stars


Teepee-Style Clay Toad House                                            TEEPEE

Give Your Backyard Buddies A Place To Call Home With This Charming Teepee-Style Clay Toad House.

The Cone-Shaped House Is Handcrafted From Honduran Clay And Decorated With Etchings Inspired by Native American Art. Three Wood Dowels At The Top Complete The Illusion Of An Actual Teepee.

Toads Consume Dozens Of Insects And Slugs Every Day, So A Toad House Makes A Great Gift For The Gardener In Your Life. And Even When Nobody's Home, This Charming Cream-Colored Teepee Style Ceramic Toad House Is A Lovely Backyard Decoration.

9½" dia. x 11"H
Teepee-Style Clay Toad House-HD1106

Sale $24.99 $44.95 You Save $19.96 (45%)

Tower of Frogs Yard Sculpture

They Are Unique And Whimsical This Trio Tower Of Frogs. This Is One Piece Of Garden Art That's Sure To Cause Plenty Of Joy A Bunch Of Smiles...

And Probably A Giggle Or Two. Three Fabulous Frogs Staked One On Top Of The Other. Even If You Don't Have A Pond, You Will Find A Place In The Garden That's Just Right For This Towering Trio Of Frogs.

This Unusual Garden Art Is Cast In Weather-Resistant Resin From A Charming Original Sculpt. The Paint Job Is Spot On, With Bright Green Bodies And Alert Yellow Eyes. And The Smiles Just Can't Be Beat.

10¾"L x 9¼"W x 17¼"H


  Storybook Toad House                                                                                                                                                                                                         Toad-House                                                                                                                                     Welcome Insect-Eating Frogs And Toads To Your Garden.

This Roomy B&B Attracts Them With Inviting Walls Of Cool, Fiber-Reinforced Concrete. You'll Love The Enchanting, Storybook Design And Antique Finish. Handcrafted in Georgia.

Size11"H x 10" Dia.

4.8 Rated 4.75 Out of 5 Stars

Storybook Toad House HA1637

Expected Ship:06/27/2019
Extra Shipping Charge: $5.00

Metal Dancing Frog Stake

Metal Dancing Frog Stake. This Metal Dancing Frog Statue Has To Be One Of The Most Delightful Frog Decorations Out There. This Colorful Fellow Would Love To Get His Groove On In A Garden Of Flowers With A High Step And A Hand Clap, Ready To Dance.

Handcrafted From Reclaimed Metal And Painted In Vibrant Colors Equipped With A Sturdy Metal Stake To Ensure Secure Installation In The Ground.

8"L x 5"W x 18"H

Rated 5 Out of 5 Stars


Mini Toad Houses                            Toad-Houses

Invite Creatures From Around Your Garden To Join This Toad In His Home. Perfect For Any Garden, Our Mini Toad Houses Are Handcrafted In Georgia Of Weather Durable Fiber-Reinforced Concrete.

miniMini: 5-1/2"H x 6"H
Mini Toad House -$49.95
Expected Ship:06/27/2019

Large: 6-1/2"H x 8"W
Large Toad House - $59.95
Expected Ship:06/27/2019

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Peeping Frog SculpturePeeping-Frog-Sculpture

Who's That Peeping In Your Garden Flowers? A Happy Green Frog Sculpture, And He's As Pleased As He Can Be Tucked Into The Mulch or Nestled In The Grass So He Appears To Be Emerging From A Secret Hiding Place.

His big eyes and cheerful smile will bring you, Joy, Every time you walk on by.

The way He Nestles Into The Landscape Gives Him Just Enough Realism To Have Visitors Doing D double-Take. Cast In Weather-Resistant Resin To Ensure A Long Outdoor Life, This Happy Frog Will Have All Visitors Looking Twice.

11¼"L x 10¼"W x 7"H

4.9 Rated 4.9 Out of 5 Stars


Well Folks, That Was Fun And I Hope You Enjoyed All My Little Frogs Facts And Fun Decor. This Garden Shop Is The Most Unique Little Secret I Have Ever Stumbled Across And I Just Have To Share.

All The Best,

joanne@asecretinthegarden.comMy Friends call me Jo

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Wind and Weather

What are Orbs?

What are Orbs?

What is an Orb?

Those Floating Energetic Balls Of Light That Sometimes Find Their Way To Our Photographs?

After My Personal Experiences With Them, I Think They Are Just The Energy Of A Spirit Or Soul After They Lose Form(Death) To Manifest Their Consciousness..

I Am Also Aware That Most People Think Orbs Pictures Are Particles Of Dust And Dirt On Your Camera Lens Or A Light Reflection From The Flash On The Camera? Can That Be The Cause Of The Orbs? I Just Needed To Find Out!

I Ran Across More Than One Blog With Tips On How To Capture Orbs Pictures On Camera. They Suggested Pointing Your Camera At Your Shot And Taking Your Pictures Consecutively While Keeping Your Camera Pointing At The Subject.

I Just Had To Try It For Myself. A Few Of The Blogs I Red Even Suggested Talking To Them If You Had An Intuition Of Who It Could Be. I Was Still Way Too Scared For That.

Hahaha, I Used To Call My Son In California From North Carolina, Like He Was Going To Say "I'll Be Right There".

Spirit Orbs Pictures

Orbs on the Move

So I Took Out My 35mm Camera That I Had Used Regularly For eBay, I knew I Had Already Captured Orb Pictures On Camera Without Even Trying While I Working.

I Found That In Most Orb Photos The Orbs Do Not Appear In Every Photo When You Do This Consecutive Shots Thing. When I Took 20 Shots Not All Of Them Would Have Orbs Or The Orbs Were In Different Places. How Interesting I Thought.

When I Looked At All The Pictures I Was Awestruck But Scared To Death Now. I Became Obsessed With All This Spirit Orbs Pictures, Talk About Using Batteries.


I Became Aware Of My Dog's Behavior. One Would Stare At Them Even Though I Could Not See Them She Sure Could. The Big Dog I Have Seen Him Pay Them Attention, But For The Most Part, He Does Not Seem Bothered By Them. Just Like People, Some Are Aware, Some Are Not. When They Came To Close To The Spirit Watcher Or Her Bed She Was Out Of There.

And Out Would Come My Camera!

More Orb Pictures

I Learned To Feel Them, The Energy Of A Spirit Presence. She Has Since Passed My Old Spirit Watcher Dog, But She Loved To Sleep In Boxes? Unless The Spirits Came To Close. I Used To Tell Folks All The Time, If You Want To Take Spirit Pictures Watch Your Dog Because They Can See Them..


When I Was Searching These Websites I Was Just Fascinated With These Orbs, Pictures, And Stories. People All Over The World Writing About Having The Same Experiences, With A Different Story.

Cynthia Rae

Another Like-Minded Person I Came Across In My Search Through Facebook.  I Was Looking To Meet Other Individuals Experiencing Natural Phenomenon And Visits. We Are Known As Conduits She Allowed Me To Use Her Photo And Thoughts About Orbs. A Big Thank You, Orbs In Flight"

"It's Not Unusual To See A Sentient/Spirit Face More Detailed Protruding At The Front Of The Orb In A Darker Color". Orbs in Flight".

Orbs in Flight

Come Along On
Cynthia Rae's Journey To See & Hear The Many Manifestations Of Spirit Captured While She Is Researching & Exploring The Paranormal

I Don't Think

Mind Body Spirit


Our Human Being Or Existence Is Multidimensional (Mind Body Spirit). It Includes The Mental, The Physical, The Spiritual And The Emotional. Most Of Us Have Heard The Phrase Being Of Mind, Body, and Spirit, It Means Being Conscious, Being Aware That We Are Coexisting With Different Layers Of Energy

All Of These Layers Are Energetically Connected(Mind Body Spirit), They Make Up Our Conscious. All These Layers Of Conscious Are What Makes Our Soul Energy /Personality, or Who We Are, Our Consciousness.


Definition of Consciousness is Origin  Latin conscius "knowing, aware,"

Being concerned or interested Marked By Feelings.From Greek syneidēsis, Literally, Consciousness, Awareness,

Thank You Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

You Help Me Learn And Keep Me Conscious. I Use Your References On And Offline.Spirit And Guides

Spirit and Guides

Spirits and Guides

Some Of Us Think Of Them As Light Beings, Sentient Spirits, Angels, Spirit Guides, Passed Loved Ones Or Guardian Angels.

Light Being

Beings Of Light From A Higher Dimension That You May Encounter On Earth. Their Energy Is Ever Present Where Light Is Needed On Earth. To Me, This Is A Form Of Spirit Guides, Guiding The Way Or Showing The Light.

They Can Be A Passed Loved One who Is Now Your Guardian Angel. Some Talk Of Experiencing Animal Guides, Angels.There Are Many Different Kinds Of Light Beings /Sentient Spirits On Earth And In Other Dimensions..

Sentient Spirits

My Definition Of Sentience Is TIe Consciousness Of All life. Form And Formless Living Things Have Some Level Of Consciousness. Having Awareness Thoughts And Sensations..

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

Definition Of Sentient Origin Latin Sentient- ‘Feeling’, From The Verb Sentire. One Who Feels And Responds To Sensations

.This Includes ALL Energetic Forces Including Mother Nature And All of Her Beings, Trees, Flowers, Plants, Animals And The Multi-Dimensional Beings( Faeries,) That Exists In And From Other Dimensions.

Ghosts and Evil Spirits


Some People Are Fearful, They Think They Are Ghosts Or Some Kind Of Evil Spirits. Some Can Be Evil, But Most Are Not. But Going With The Thought That They Are A Soul's Energy They Usually Manifest The Same Personality (Consciousness) They Had While In Still In A Physical Form.

The Information I Have Gathered Over The Years About Ghosts Leads Me To Believe This: When The Form Body Is Shedding (Death) For Loss Of Better Words, it Leaves A Translucent Looking Body Form In It's Transit From Earth To The Next Dimension..

All Beings Are Different In This Unique Transit To The Next Dimension. Some Beings Are Not Able To Detach From This Realm As Easily And Appear As What We Call A Ghost.

This Can Also Happen When The Beings Death Was Traumatic Or They Feel Like They Need To Take Care Of Some Unfinished Business Here On Earth. It Takes These Types Longer To Leave The Earthly Dimension.

Thoughts + Feelings = Things

So CHILL Out and Breathe!

Awareness Of The Fact That We Really Do Attract What We Think (Ghost) And Feel(Fear). Being Fearful Will Attract, Something To Be Fearful Of Thoughts + Feelings = Things(Wallace Wattles).

Planetary Forces, Cosmic Forces, Universal Laws. Everything Is Energy. We Attract Like Energy, Awareness Is Very Important. You Live Under Universal Laws Whether You Accept It Or Not. You Breathe Air, You Are Grounded Gravity.Existing In The Cosmos

Existing in the Cosmos

Slow Down......

Quit Being Fearful So You Can "Feel The Surrounding Energy" And Use Your Intuition To Feel. Intuition Is That Feeling You Get In Your Gut.

The Universe Is A Large Place and Planet Earth Is Like A Grain Of Sand In The Depth Of The Universe.

Another Thing We Can Not Seem To Grasp Is The Fact That All Of The Universe Is ONE Complete Being Made Up Of Many Organisms, Like Us.

Humans Are Always Trying To Separate Things. The Red Ones, The Black Ones, The Fuzzy Ones, The Big Ones, STOP It Already And Come To Awareness, The Awareness That We Are All Connected. Like 1 Pixel In A Picture, You Need Them All To Make A Complete Picture. I Like To Think Of Each Us (Beings) As Just 1 Cell Of The Organism Called Universe, Mother Earth, Gaia, God Source??? They Are All The Same, Source(Of Energy).

Multi Dimensional Beings


The Multi-Dimensional Being That Makes You Up Is Connected To All Other Multi-Dimensional Beings, in All The Universes Dimensions Planets Galaxy's, We All Co-exist Together.Becoming The 1 Organism. It Has A Name It Is Called Collective Consciousness All These Layers Of Conscious We Intertwine With. It Only Makes Sense That We Can Communicate With Them All Using Telepathy. HaHaHa, But My Friend Is A Whole Other Blog, Soon To Come.

What Is A Spirit?

My Answer Would Be A Wave Of Energy With A Conscience. Because I Believe We Are All Energy And When We Pass Our Physical Body May Disintegrated ed But Our Soul/Spirit Energy Lives On. Something That Is Connecting The Heart And The Mind, Not The Brain The Mind.

“Energy Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed, It Can Only Be Changed From One Form To Another.” ―Einstein. With The Thought That We Are All Connected And Are All Made Out Of Energy. Yes, I So Do Believe Spirits Are Real. I Have Had Many Encounters And Will Continue To Share My Stories, In Between Gardening That Is..

Are Spirits Real?

I Believe Spirits Are Real. I Believe They Are A Passed Loved One Trying to Communicate With You Through Their Spirit (Non-Physical Body) or Soul Energy.I  Believe We Are Just Energy.

I Have Personally Experienced This. Learning How To Connect With Non-Form And Form Energies On A More Telepathic Intuitive Level.

I Would Love To Hear From You So Please Leave Me A Comment. Do You Have An Encounter That Was Special You Would Like To Share?
All the Best,

joanne@asecretinthegarden.comMy Friends call me Jo

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Oh What A Beautiful Morning, Oh What A Beautiful Day! I Think I'll Walk In My Garden And Catch Some Faeries At Play. It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood I Am  Feeling Grateful. What A Beautiful Place To Live My Neighborhood Is.

This Is My View From The Back Yard. I Wait Every Year In Anticipation

Of These. I Have Not Thinned Them In Years. They Just Take Your Breath


What a Beautiful Place to Live
What a Beautiful Place to Live


Oh What A Beautiful Day

Today Is Easter,. hahaha I Do Not Know When This Blog Will Get Published. I Have Many In The Works. I Am Interested In Everything!

In The  Secret Garden
In The Secret Garden

I Do Often Stop To Refresh Myself By And See If I Can Catch A Glimpse Of Activity In My Fairy Gardens, There Is Always Something Magical Going On.

Sometimes I Grab a Book And Sneak In The Secret Garden And let The Book Take Me To Another Dimension, I Become So absorbed Veteran Gardener And I Have Not Planted The First Seed Or Cleaned The First Garden Bed Yet.

 Affiliate Marketing Websites
Affiliate Marketing Websites


I Mentor A Group Of Affiliate Students And Own A Couple Of Websites That I Maintain. I'm A Busy Girl. Oh Yeah, And I Am Still Learning This Internet Affiliate Marketing Thing Myself.


There is a reason

In The Secret Garden
In The Secret Garden

I Live In A Woody Setting And They Have Cleared 2 Areas Of Woods Within The Vicinity Of My Property In The Last 2 Years To Build New Housing Communities.


When You Strip Mother Nature All Her Creatures Are On The Move. The First Year, We Had Coyotes That Were Stealing Small Dogs And Cats Out Of Our Yards While Hunting. It Is Not Their Fault They Are Just Acclimating To Their New Circumstances. They Don't think Oh Someone's Dog Let Me Eat It. They Are On The Hunt To SURVIVE, Circle Of Life And We Took Their Land.

Silly Dog

By The Fall Winter I Noticed A Young Mother Deer And Brand New Saby Still Spotted Hiding In The  Adjacent Overgrown Field By My Secret Garden. I Have A Lot Going On This Year So I Decided To Let That Mamma And Her Baby Get Stable. They Will Move On, After She Decides Baby Is Safe. Plus I Have A Big Dog Are Not Fond Of.


You Are My Garden This Year. May I Please Plant You Full Of Seeds, Flowers Nature And The Spirit Realm? I Will Keep You Updated With Mom And Baby Deer, Who Has Grown So Much, No More Baby Spots.

My Secret Garden

I Think I Did Mention In My About Joanne Page That I Work Online?

I Am An Affiliate Marketer And Mentor, While Working One Day I Came Across A Very Unique Home Decor Shop. It Just Fit In With The Mystical Life-style I \Live And I Fell In Love With The Shop! They Have The Most Unique Home Decor I Have Ever Seen

Fast Forward May 3, 2019

I Atarted This Post 12 Days Ago And Intended On Coming Back In To Write About What A Beautiful Day It Is To Start Cleaning Up My Faerie Spaces.

Well, The Day Did Not Turn Out That Beautiful. We Had A Death In The Family The Next Day, She Was 10.

What An Uncomfortable Feeling To Tell Your Secret (Communicator With Passed) to Someone Who Has Just Lost Their Only Child.

I Have Met Her Spirit Already, She Likes Fireflies And Asked Me To Teach Her Dad How To Communicate With Her So He Will Quit Feeling So Lost..

Tell Him She Is Okay, They Usually Request You To Tell Them I Am Okay. Like I Made It.

Talk About A Hard Job!

With That Thought In  My Heart, For All The Family's That Lose Loved One's And Don't Know How To Feel. I Send You My Love And Hope My Stories Give You Comfort.

Go Make A Small Garden Even If It Is Just Some Plants In Pots To Change Your Energy.

I Am A Conduit In The Nature Realm So I Shall Continue My Quest Today And Clean Up My Secret Garden. Faeries Like Your Flowerbeds And Entry Ways To Be Clean And Appealing.

Oh, Mother Nature. I live In The Area That Was Hit By Head On By A Hurricane In September So There Is Plenty Of Cleaning To Do. Every Time We Have A Windy Day The Yard Becomes Full Of The Dead Debris Stuck In The Trees.

Oh, And Did I Mention I Have Over 200 Azalea's That Are Waiting For Me To Cut Them Back?

Sunday May 5th Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo For Some Of You.

It’s An Annual Celebration In Observance Of The Mexican Army’s Victory Over The French Empire At The Battle Of Puebla In 1862.

Working In My Secret Garden  Today I Took A Walk In The Garden And Decided I Just Have To Grow Things.  My Friend Called Me A Liar. She Told Me I Say Every Year I Am Not Growing Garden And Of Course I Do. It's In My Soul. Plus? Who Else Is Going To Keep The fairy Grounds Clean If I Don't?

Garden Flowers
Garden Flowers

So As I Started Again I Was Reminded To Put Invasive Plants In Pots, Or Those That Are Close To Your Heart. My Garden Is Over Very Run Right Now Between The Spearmint The Elephant Ears And My Friend Poison, Ivy That Is. So I Am Off To Research For Some Great Tips About Plant Pots And Poison ivy

Being An Affiliate Marketer

That Is The Best Part Of Being An Affiliate Marketer, I Get To See All These New Companies Before Most. The BEST Part Of All This Cleaning Is Getting To Replace My Garden Decor With A Whole New Fairy Garden Look.

Unique Home Decor
Unique Home Decor

I Did Want You All To Know I Will Be Leaving Links To Some Of My Beautiful Finds So You May Purchase Them If You Like.

It Is All About Love And Sharing, It Reduces Fear And Lets You Know You Are Not Alone. I Want You All To Not Be Scared Of What You Can Not See. Sometimes In Life The Things Going On Around Us Cause Us To Awaken Spiritually And We See And Understand Things A Little Different.

So Be Weird Like Me And Let Your Light Shine. It Is Very Welcome On My Site.  But That Is Not Sole Purpose Of My Site. You Are Always Welcome On My Site,  Feel Free To Share Your Mystical Encounter With Us. I Love Reading These Stories I Can't Wait To Read Yours.                                                                                                                                                           love and light,                                                                                                                                                                 Me                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This Post May Contain Affiliate lLinks. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info


Welcome to A Secret in The Garden

My Name Is Joanne, My Friends Call Me Jo... This Has Been My Home For 26 Years And I Have Been Planting Things Everywhere. My Children Call Me The Witch Of The Garden Flowers. HeHeHe.

My Friends call me Jo

I Prefer To Keep My Garden Organic Which Attracts ALL Nature. Nature Is Mystical And Enchanting In The Secret Garden Realm That Most Cannot See.

Like Big Orbs Floating In The Night.

A What? A Sprite Oh, A Fairy To My Delight

Don't Worry, Most Of The Beings That Inhabit The Astral World And Other Dimensions Are Happy Spirit Creatures. Full Of Joy Mixed With A Little Mischief But They Have No Intentions On Hurting Us. They Have The Power To Shape -Shift If They Choose And I Am Sure They Have Fun With That. Wouldn't You?

According To Faerie Folk-laws And Legends, They Claim That Every Species Of Plant Has A Fairy Inhabitant That Adopts It And They Share The Same Habitat.How Interesting?

Garden Faerie
Garden Faerie

For The Last Nine Years, I Have had So Many Encounters With Natural Phenomenon, They Are Just A Part Of My Everyday Life Now. I Will Share Some Photos And Stories. I Could Write Story After Story All Day, I Promise You That.

Let's Fast Forward That A Few

Steven John Silvia

My Story Begins In December 1959 (Birthday), But Let's Fast Forward That To 1981. I Have A Brother Stevie who Passed. We Were 13 Months Apart And Very Close. When He Passed, It Was Weird. He Was Supposed To Be Coming Over To My Home That Night, At The Last Minute I Had To Cancel Our Plans.


The Secret Fairy Garden 

Now To......1993, The Year I Moved Into This Home. The Home Is In A Woody/Country Setting. I Have Woods Or Animal Pastures Around Every Side Of Me. When I Used To Garden Along This Wooded Edge, I Would Get Pine Cones Thrown At Me.

At First, I Thought You ARE Crazy! You Are Imagining It. Pine Cones Fall Out Of Trees. I Wlways Felt Watched While I Was In And Around My Yard. I Blew It Off.

My Thought, It's Just Nature, Birds And Frogs And Little Beings Like The Chemical Free Area. I Use Organic Garden Fertilizer To Keep My Garden Flowers Healthy.  Really, I Never Thought Too Much More Of It Until........

The Secret Fairy Garden
The Secret Fairy Garden

Let The Games Begin

The Year Is 2007 When I Was a Single Mom With 4 Children. For Extra Money, I Decided To "Try The Online Thing Called eBay", Where My Online Spiritual Adventure Also Began. I Was In Total Ignorance To Anything Called "Am Orb".

A Game Changer

Being Low On Cash I Purchased A 35 MM Camera At The local Pawn Shop. I Needed A Camera To Take Pictures Of My "Stuff". That Is When We Were Still Selling Junk On eBay. I Would Take A Bunch Of Pictures And Half Of  Them Would Have These Spots All Over Them. I Am Now Thinking????? WTF???/IS This GRRRRRR Cheap Camera.

A Game Changer
A Game Changer


A Game Changer
A game changer


A Game Changer
A Game Changer

Silence Is Golden After 35 Years Of Children

By 2010 My Children Are Growing And Leaving The Nest. I Had One Left Living Home If  You Call It That. It Was My Second Child And She Was About 24 or 25. She Was Never Home. She Was There To Help Me Financially And Not Leave Me Alone.

Fly Number Two, Fly! With 4 Children There Was Never An Alone Time I Worked 5 Days A Week Waiting Tables And Every Extra Minute On eBay.

Silence is Golden

Silence Is Golden? It Is Awareness

My Awareness Of Natural Phenomenon Activity Around Me Is Becoming Constant Now. I Worked eBay Daily And The Orbs In My Pictures Increase. Scaring The Hell Out Of Me. I Remember Trying To Sleep With The Covers Over My Head.

If I Got Really Scared I Would Start Taking Pictures And The More Pictures I Took In A Row The More Orbs There Were. Then There Were These Tiny Little Things That Look Light Beams Of Light. This Is What I Would Do To My Pictures. Talk About Being Obsessed.


I Joined Social Media In Search Of Some People Who Are Experiencing This Kind Of Phenomenon To Them. I Also Worked On The Internet So I Begin Searching All Over For More Information. I Really Needed Some Answers.

Don't Talk to Spirits

Well,  I'm NOT A Bible And You Are Not The One Personally Experiencing This. You Are Scaring Me Telling Me They Are Evil..... NO!   I Am So Kind I Do Not Believe I Can Not Be Attracting This "Evil".

Evil Spirits

The People In My Life Were Not Supportive, I Needed To Find Out What Is Going On. An Old Friend Comes Forward On This Facebook Stuff And Starts Blowing My Mind. About Angels, Orbs, And Spirits.  I Can Never Thank Her Enough.

Now That I Had A New Perspective And Was Not Living In Fear I Became Aware. There Was No Evil, They Were  Causing Me No Harm. One Of These Spirits I Recognized By The Personality And Energy. It Was My brother Stevie. We Are 13 Months Apart. I KNOW My Brother.

I Still Was Not Over The Orbs? Now I Got Fairies In My House?

These Are Pictures Of These Light Beings In My Home. It Is The Same Kind Being? fairies? Sprites? Blown Up. They Were All Different Shapes Some Had 3 Sides Some Even Had Only 2.

Is Thing For REAL?

Light Beings
Light Beings
Different Shape Beings
Different Shape Beings


Light Beings Blown Up
Light Beings Blown Up


I Want To Help People

I Want To Help People To Not Be Scared And Know They Are Not Crazy If They Have Had Mystical Encounters.  Do Not be Scared. We Become Afraid To Tell Anyone For Fear Of ?  And  Many Other Reasons. I Would LOVE To Hear Your Story. Please Leave Me A Comment.

I'm Just Paying It Forward

When You Realize How REAL The Connection To "Source", "God", "Mother Earth", "Gala"... You Become A Worker Of Light In Honor Of The One who Made All Things, Everything! This Universal Source Of Energy And The Universal Laws That Govern It ALL! We Just Can't Comprehend.


My Dream Website

Reading Books Online Free
Reading Books Online Free

The Purpose Of This Website Is To Share Stories And Encounters We Come Across. I Will Continue With The Stevie Story So You Understand The Journey.    I Work Online So I Am Everywhere On A Given Day. I Have Come Across Some Of The Most Unique Home Decor Pieces I Have Ever Seen! I Will Share My Specials Finds. Perfect For Making Your Home And Garden Enchanting For All Your Fairies And Spirit Beings.

I Love Reading Books About All These Mystical Creatures So I Went And Found Us Some Books.  We Have Access To Almost 200,000 Books And Magazines So We Can Learn about Anything or Just Enjoy A Book Hiding Among The Garden Flowers.

If You Ever Feel The Need To Share A Story Please Do, Leave Them Below And I Will Be More Than Happy To help You Out.

You Are Welcome To Email Me if You Prefer

All The Best,Me

Jo A Secret in The Garden