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Flowers Pots And Planters For Invasive Plants

Patio Living And Dressing Up Your Outside Living Areas.

Great! Now You Can Have A Garden Of Flowers Anywhere You Please Using A Planter. You Can Create Your Own Unique Home Decor With Just A Little Thought And Planning.

Patio Living


You can Fill In Areas Of Your Patio With An Array Of Flowers Pots, Majestically Showing Off Their Blooms. Feeling At Home With Nature All Around, You Can't Help But Feel AT Peace.

Containment Of Invasive Plants

Use Flower Pots For Containment Of Invasive Plants.

The Garden Season Started Off In The Behind Direction For Me This Year Right From The Gate.Flower-pots

Gardening Mindset

My First Problem Was A Mother Deer And Her Baby Displaced By Construction. At That Point I Did Blog Saying " I Am Not Having A Garden This Year', I Say That Every Year. For The Last 36 To Count And Only Once Did It Happen, The Year I Moved Here With Children Ages 11, 9,8, And 2. Whew, What A Move!

Then Spring Came and The Neighbor Mowed The Fields And I Have Not Seen The Deer Since. So I Decided We Should Have A Garden. To Match Our Garden Site. I Catch So Many Mystical Little Things Out There. I Have A Different View On Bugs Or Most Of Them.

Vegetable Gardening   vegetable-garden

So Out In The Secret Garden I Go To Start Cleaning And Get Ready To Plant My Vegetable Garden. You Know There Is Nothing Better Than Food JUST PICKED!

 A Garden With Flowers

I Clean In Layers Because There IS Something Growing Everywhere Here. The Flower Garden Witch.

Poison IvyPOISON-Ivy

On My Second Day Outside I decided To Cut Azalea's Remember? Hahaha While I was Cutting I Ran Across My Friend, Poison Ivy And Stayed Clear Of it. I am VERY Allergic! I Actually t Took Some Pics So I could Show The Difference And Folks Would Recognize Poison Ivy And Stay Clear. Hehehe

My-Friend-PoisonDay #3 My Friend Poison Decided To Attach It's Self To Me Even With Gloves and Caution. ITCHY. I Had To Stay Indoors For A Week.

I Have Some Of The Best Remedies For Poison Ivy, I Have Been Getting It All My Life. Rule Number One For Getting Rid Of Poison Ivy Is To Not Stay Out In The North Carolina HOT Sun Long. So I Go In And Out In The Morning And Evening.

Invasive Plants Belong In Planter


When I was Takings Pic's Of The Poison I also Got A Glimpse Of How Many Invasive Plants I Have Taking Over. Some Of My Invasive Plants Actually Run Up The Street. Elephant Ears! We All Have Then Now!

I Am Hard At it To Get Control Back In The Secret Garden And Put The Flowers Back In The Flower Gardens and Flower Pots And Planters.>/p>

Flower Pots Are Awesome!

What A Great Way For Someone With Limited Space To Grow Herbs And Food. A Lot Of Vegetables Do Not Need Big Planters, They Have a Small Root System.Flower Pots Are Awesome

One Of My Favorite Books Wham I first Moved Here Was Called Square Foot Gardening. It Helped Me To Appreciate How Much You Could Grow In A Small Space With Some Planning.

Life Of An Affiliate Marketer

I Have Been Accepted To Partner With Some Great Home & Garden Stores with The Most Unique Home Decor and Outside Living Products. I Feel Honored And Proud To Be Able To Share These Products For My Like Minded Friends, So I Will Follow The Rules.

Affiliate Company RulesAffiliate-Marketing

Are All Different And Follow Different Policy. Some Will Allow Me To Link You Right To The Product Page, It Is Called A Deep Or Direct Link And Promote Their Name. Some Do Not, And Only Allow Me To Use Certain Codes That They Provide.

I Like Letting You Know In Advance So You Can Navigate Through My Site Better. I See Sites Where Bloggers Write You Articles and Leave Products Links All Over And Never Give You A Clue They Are The Promoter. I Am Proud To Find This And I Work Full-Time Days To Ensure That I Have A Trusted Website And Name. My Word Is Very Important To Me.

Mystery Company

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This First Company Is Full Of Unique Home Decor, They Have Been Around A Long Time Since 1975. I Like That I Tend To Trust Older Companies, They Proved Their Trust.

Time for Outside Living  Great! Containment Of Invasive Plan

Three Plant Tricycle Planter           Trycicle-Planter

A Charming Accent For Your Porch, Patio, or Anywhere You Need A Little Splash Of Unique Home Decor.

The Tricycle Planter Beautifully Displays 3 Plants. Solid Iron Construction With a Bronze Finish, Flowers Pots Are Not Included.


Size 43-1/4"L x 14-1/2"W x 32"H

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Tricycle Planter-PL6301

Indoor/Outdoor Metal Fox Planter or Umbrella Stand


This Charming Indoor/Outdoor Metal Fox Planter is Overflowing With Style. Handcrafted From Aged, Copper-Colored Metal, This Unique Decor Boasts A Decidedly Foxy Female Face Complete With Lovely Eyelashes And a Bushy Tail.

Display This Lovely Vixen Anywhere Indoors or Out With a Real or Artificial Plant, or Place Her In A Hallway Disguised As The Foxiest Umbrella Stand Ever.


11" dia. x 23¾"H

Indoor/Outdoor Metal Fox Planter- HD1009

Black Wrought Iron Plant Stand with Solar Light

This Beautiful Solar Metal Plant Stand is a Wrought-iron Beauty With A Large Metal Bucket To Hold Everything From Holly Sprigs To Springtime Annuals.

It Stands Firmly On Four Curled Iron Feet That Gracefully Arc Up And Around The Planter Bucket, Accented With Wire "Stems" And Artfully Crafted Leaves.

The Lantern At Its Top Is Traditional In Style, But Modern In Technology. Powered By A Discreet Solar Panel It Adds A Charming Glow After Dark. A Truly Unique Addition To A Front Porch or Walkway.


17¾" dia. x 39¾"H

4.75 out of 5 stars

Black Wrought Iron Plant Stand With Solar Light
- PL6849

Antiqued Wrought Iron Plant Stand With Solar Light

Antiqued Wrought Iron Plant Stand With Solar Light, IT Has A Large Metal Bucket To Hold Your Favorite Plant. It Stands Firmly On Four Curled Iron Feet Accented With Wire "Stems" And Artfully Crafted Leaves.

Powered by A Discreet Solar Panel, It Adds A Charming Glow After Dark. Treated With An Antiqued, Copper-Colored Finish.

This Planter Will Be A Truly Elegant Addition To Any Part Of Your Yard or Garden That Needs A Little Lighting Up


17¾" dia. x 39¾"H

Antiqued Wrought Iron Plant Stand with Solar - Light


Clay Planters on Wooden Legs, Set of 2 - Dark Gray

Get Ready To Garden With This Handy And Attractive Set Of Two Clay Planters on Wooden Legs. The Rectangular Planter Boxes Are Fashioned From Clay Mixed With Fibers To Give It A Cement-Like Quality And A Modern Industrial Look That Won't Distract From The Beauty Of Your Plants And Flowers.

Each Planter Stands On Four Beech Wood Legs That Are Treated With A Protective Coating For Outdoor Use. Each Planter Has Drainage Holes In The Bottom.

Set Of 2 Clay Planters Includes One Small And One Large.


Dimensions Small 17¾"L x 8¾"W x 12½"H

Large 21¾"L x 10½"W x 14½"H

Clay Planters Dark Gray
- PL6881DGY

Library Planter

California Artisan Michael Gentilucci Designed This "Library-Stack" Planter In Weather-Durable Cast Stone. Three Book-Styled Saucers Are Indented To Fit A Matching Planter (Or Your Own Flower Pot.) Stack Saucers In Any Order! Planter Is Drilled For Drainage. Each Piece is Designer stamped.


Size 7-1/2"H x 8"W

100% of Respondents Would Recommend This To A Friend

Library Planter

Metal Solar Pickup Truck Planter - Black, Red, or Blue

Metal Solar Pickup Truck Planters Have A Vintage Design That Looks Just Like The Classic Pickups You Still See On Farms Today.

Made of Metal With A Distressed Finish, These Whimsical Decorative Accents Feature A Solar Panel At The Top Of The Cab That Powers The Headlights When The Sun Goes Down.

Give Your Space A Touch Of Classic Style That Will Bring Your Nostalgia To Life By Adding A Small Plant To The Bed Of The Truck Or By Displaying Them On Their Own!


17½"L x 7"W x 8¼"H

Metal Solar Pickup Truck Planter -
52714 BK

Tall Rust-Colored Stone Planter

Tall Rust-Colored Stone Planter Will Serve As A Focal Point Indoors Or Out. Crafted Of Stone Fiber So It's Lighter Than Concrete And Less Fragile, A Large Planter That Can Hold Tall, Ornamental Plants Or Dried Garden Flowers.

This Stone Planter's Fishbowl-Inspired Design Gives It An Artisanal Look. Use It To Add Height To Any Flowerbed Or Garden Corner, Or Place Two Stone Planters As Markers To A Home's Entryway Or Outdoor Retreat.

Its Rust-Colored Finish Will Complement Any Interior Or Exterior Decor. A High-Quality, Weather-Durable Planter That Can Be Used For Years To Come


Dimensions19" dia. x 30"H

Tall Rust-Colored Stone Planter
- SC8471

Ceramic Vintage Pickup Truck Planter

Ceramic Vintage Pickup Truck Planter Is Must-Have For Lovers Of Trucks, Antiques Or Just Plain Fun Décor Items. This Cartoon-Like Interpretation Of A Classic Pickup Features Oversized Headlights, A Bright Red Paint Scheme, And A Fully Open Bed,

Ready To Provide A Home For Your Favorite Plant. There's Even A Sunroof Atop The Cab Where You Can Pop Yet Another Small Plant. Displayed Indoors Or Out, This Whimsical Ceramic Planter Is A Fun And Unusual Alternative To Plain Old Flowerpots.


Dimensions11½"L x 6"W x 5"H

Ceramic Vintage Pickup Truck Planter
- PL6862

Cast Stone Fairy Head Planter

Add A Little Magic To Your Landscape With A Cast Stone Fairy Head Planter. Handcrafted In The USA, This Charming Planter Is Cast In Stone From A Beautifully Detailed Original Sculpt By Artist Michael Gentilucci.

Her Angular Features And Pointed Ears Are Telltale Signs Of Her Enchanted Woodland Nature. She Even Has Freckles On Her Cheeks Shaped Like Stars And Jewelry In The Form Of Leaves And Gemstones.

This Fairy Head Garden Planter Is Treated With An Integrated Coloring Technique To Produce A Natural Ocher-Colored Finish. She's Then Treated With A Protective Sealer To Guard Her Against The Elements,

However, We Do Recommend Bringing Your Planter Indoors During Freezing Temperatures.

Able To Accommodate Up To A 6" Pot, You Can Also Plant Directly Into The Fairy Planter Thanks To Integrated Drainage Holes.

Will You Plant A Bushy Boxwood To Give Her A "Permed" Look Or Maybe Some Vines That Will Drape Down Over Her Shoulders. Whatever You Choose, This Is Certainly Not Your Run Of The Mill Flower Pot!


10" dia. x 13" H, 30 lbs

Cast Stone Fairy Head Planter-GO7698

Metal Robot Planters, Set of 2

Add Some Fun To The Garden With The Set Of 2 Whimsical Metal Robot Planters. One Appears To Be A Creative Assemblage Of Flower Pots, While His Pal Is Bit Boxier.

Add Your Favorite Potted Plant To Their Heads, And You've Got An Indoor Or Outdoor Delight That's Sure To Raise Lots of Smiles.

Pick The Plant That Creates The Hairdo Of Your Choice. Something Big And Bushy? Or Maybe Something With Long Vines For A Bit Of A "Hippie" Look. It's All Up To You. These Two Metal Robot Planters Will Be All Smiles No Matter How You Style Them


Dimensions: Large 14"W x 37"H x 9"D

Small 16½"W x 31"H x 7½"D

Metal Robot Planters, Set of 2


Vintage Smiling Turtle Flowerpot

Vintage Smiling Turtle Flowerpot Is Ready To Lend His Support To A Plant Or 2. Hand-Cast In The USA In Solid Stone, This Happy Fellow Is A Recreation Of A Classic Vintage Planter. Our Turtle Planter Is Produced With Integrated Coloring To Create A Mossy Green Look And Sealed For Outdoor Use. He'll Be A Delightful Addition To A Porch Or Deck, But We Do Recommend Bringing Him Inside During Freezing Temperatures.

Striding Forward With His Head Raised, Our TTurtle Planter's Back Is Hollowed Out To Accommodate Plants Of Your Choice. The Coloring Stain Used On Our Cast-Stone Turtle Is Environmentally Friendly And Because Every Planter Is Crafted By Hand, The Variations In Color Will Make Each Piece Unique. Vintage Smiling Turtle Flowerpot-GO7699

Cylinder Planters on Wooden Stand             New for Spring!              Embrace The Industrial Chic Look With These Fabulous On-Trend Planters. A Throwback to Mid-Century Modern Style, These Set of Cylinder Planters Features a Removable Wood Stand That Can Be Flipped For Added Height. The Planter’s Sleek Design Allows For Small Space Styling Perfect For a Terrace, Deck or Balcony. Fired Without Glaze For a Modern Look Made From Clay Fiber Features a Removable Wood Stand That Can Be Flipped For Added Height Deep Setting Accommodates a Variety of Plant And Floral Arrangements Eco-Friendly Planters Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use.
Set of 2

Large- 12.25"Dia. x 24"H
Small- 9.75"Dia. x 15.5"H
Cylinder Planters

On Wooden Stands-

Buddha Bust Planter

Made of Sustainable Materials (Glass Reinforced Concrete) and Peaceful design elements, these Buddha Bust Planters Are Sculptural Works of Art. Pair as a Duo or let Them Stand Solo – They Bring Serenity To Any Patio or Corner Nook. Sold Separately

Made of Glass Reinforced Concrete
Drainage Hole That Allows You To Plant Directly Into The Container
For Indoor or Outdoor Use
Handcrafted In Bali

Buddha Bust Planter

Small- 10”L x 9.5”W x 10”H V4268 $49.00

Medium- 11”L x 10.5”W x 11.5”H V4269

That Is All I have From The Mystery Store For The Moment.

Head To Your Favorite Patio Spot And And Enjoy Browsing! Now Is A Great Time Of Year To Look Through All The New Arrivals, Exclusive Designs, Up-cycled and Repurposed Artist Showing Their Wares.

They Deserve Our Support And So Does Mother Earth Who Tends To All The Flower Gardens Of This Paradise.

Now I am Off,Back Out To My Vegetable Garden As The Days Cools Off.

Then To Next Eco Friendly Company In My Search Of More Flower Pots And Planters To Dress Up Your Outdoor Living Areas.

Happy Gardening,


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