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Move Over Ebay No More Etsy Shop Frogs On Sale

I love Frogs

I love Frogs I Crochet Frogs And Other Nature Beings For A Hobby. I Used To Make Frog Rugs And Sell Them In An Etsy Shop. I Love All The Handcrafted Items Etsy Has To Offer, But They Have All This Favorite B.S. And Other Games You Have To Play To Get Noticed..Girl-Frogs

And Then...

You Have To Pay Etsy Listing Fees And/or PayPal Sales Fees. eBay Also Has This Practice. No More Middle Man To Raise The Price Of Our Frogs.

This Frog Rug Is Looking For A Home, But She Is Not listed Anywhere, I Made Her With A Lot Of Love. WHY Not, Tell You About Her. She Was Made For A Little Girl That Passed Before This Present Ever Reached Her. 🙁

When I look At Her It Is A Reminder Of All The Princesses Out There Who Would Love To Sit In Her Froggy Arms And Read A Book. You Can Inquire By Email If You Want To Take Her home. She Is The First Girl Frog I Crocheted. Isn't She Beautiful?

I Can Find Us All The Frogs We Want. From My Handcrafted Rugs To Large Handcrafted Frog Garden Statues. This Blog Today Is To Highlight All Frogs From The Smallest To The largest.

They Are Fascinating Little Creatures With A Personality All Their Own.

Scientifically Speaking It's Anura Here Today

I Love The Mystical Little Spirit Of Frogs And Toads Don't You?

Although Toads Seem To Thrive In The Land They Like frogs Start Off As A Tadpole In Water.

In The Mystical Dimensions, WE See Fairies Riding On Frogs And Toads All The Time. It's Their Ride Man, Got To Get Around Somehow, That's How Some Fairies Roll. Do You Have Any Frog facts You Could Share or Are Just Amazed By?

There Are So Many Online Stories About Frog Facts And Stories, I Could Read For Days. Great Fairy Garden Ideas Come When You Read About Toad And Frog Facts And Create A Habitat They Flourish In. You Want To Welcome These Visitors To Your Garden They Are Such A Benefit To The Fairy Gardens Community.

In My Secret Garden

In My Secret Garden I  Mostly Run Across Big Fat Garden Toads, But There Are A Lot Of Small Green Tree Frogs In North Carolina And They Like To Stick To My Windows At Night. They Occasionally Get In The House, But I Try To Get Them Back To Safety.

These Little Frogs Don't Need to drink water they absorb it through their Skin, So They Do Need To Access Water To Stay Alive. They Eat A Diet Of Insects, Not All Bugs Are Good In Your Garden.


These Little Creatures Are A Great Addition To Your Garden. They Are More Of A Land Species And Don't Need To Be So Close To Water. Their Skin Is Drier Almost Camouflage Color Of Dirt. I Don't Know How Many Times Over The Years I Have Stumbled Upon Them And Not Noticed Until I Almost Step On Them.

I Find Them All Over The Place In My Early Spring-Clean Ups. Still, Sleepily Hiding Borrowed In The Garden Beds. I Try To Avoid Them Burrowing In My Vegetable Beds Because I Use A Tiller And I Don't Want To Hurt Them, Sometimes They Like To Play Dead Scaring Me Thinking I Hurt Them, Little Buggers.

home-is-where-your-heart-isSo I Try To Make Them Safe Spots In The Garden Flowers And Surrounding Areas. If You Leave A Flower Pot Upside Down Hidden In Your Garden Flowers It Makes Your Fairy Gardens Come Alive With Life, And It Also Helps Keep Your Little Froggy Folks Safe.

They Like To Hide In A Cool Shady Moist Dark Spot And Will Burrow Down Under These Pots If You Hide Some Around Your Garden I Have Even Used Broken Pieces From Large Clay Pots Turned Over Like A Bridge.frog-decorations

Some Folks Like To Get Fancy And Decorate These Pots So It Is Also A Fun Craft If You Want To Make A Toad House. Great Way To Have Fun With Your Kids And Get Them Interested In Garden Life.

You Really Do Not Need To Purchase Much if you are Creative. You Will Need Some Kind Of Dome To Turn Upside Down For Them To Burrow Under. It Can Be ANYTHING! My Favorite Is A Clay Pot, But You Could Use An Old Deep Glass Bowl, An Extra Large Coffee Cup, An Old Coffee Can(The Metal Ones Tend To Age Rapidly Under The Moist Dark Conditions. I Like Staying With Glass.

The Next Thing You Will Need Really Depends On You, Your Budget And What You Already Have And How You Want To Decorate You Toad Habitat. Even How Much Ttme You Have.

It Could Be A Quick Project With just a little paint if you enjoy painting. Or You Can Do Your Children's Hand-Prints, if They Are Young And Want To Make Keepsakes.Frogs-and-toads

You Could Add To That If You Had A Saucer To Turn Upside Down For A "Roof". There Are So Many Ideas.

You Could Paint A Face On It And Put The Drip Bowl(Saucer) On The Top And Plant A Small Variety Of Hair (moss).

If You Feel Like Taking A Different Route You Could Decorate It With A Glue Gun And Some Shells Or Pretty Glass Beads. You May Need To Grout The Beads. This Is Also A Good Way To Hide A Crack If You Insisted On Trying To Make A Hole For A Door. That Really Is Cosmetic, They Do Not Need It To Get In Their Frog Home. hahaha Paint A Door If You Really Want One.

They Burrow In The Earth During The Hot Day And Know How To Get In. But You Are Getting My Point. Make Your Toad House.

Now We Find The Perfect Spot In Our Fairy Gardens. I Like To Hide Mine On The Outskirts Of My Flower Garden. I Don't Till This Often And It Keeps Them Safe From Myself Along With Other Predators.

Find Your Spot, A Shady Little Hide Out And Push It Firmly Into The Soil So It Does Not Tip Over OR Be Turned Over By A Nosy Cat Or The Like. After You Do All This You Can Entertain The Thought Of Some Kind Of Water Source.

Remember, Your Little Friends Still Need To Access Water. Plus, If You Want To Multiply Your Toad Family The Tadpoles Still Needs Water To Begin Their Life.

I Have A Huge Garden And It Would Take Me A Long Time To Handcraft All The Toad Homes I think About, I Just Do Not Have The Time.Board laid flat

I Leave My Toad Family Water Sources And Many Items They Turn Into Homes, Even A Small Board Laid Flat Will Attract The Nature Now That I No Longer Have Time Or Children To Make Such Fun DIY Projects I Just Make Sure To Leave Them A Home And Decorate The Whole Community Within The Fairy Gardens. Here Are Some Of My Favorite Of That ANURA Family Exclusively For You.

Grumpy Frog Sculpture

Grumpy-Frog -culpture

This Grumpy Frog Statue Is The Perfect Gift For The Frog Lover In Your Life. He's Seated With His Arms Crossed And A Grumpy Attitude On Top Of A Rock. Maybe That's Why He's Grumpy!

I'm Sure This
Grumpy Frog Garden Statue Would Only Be Grumpier If He Knew You Were Enjoying Him, But Hey, He's A Statue.

This Angry Amphibian Will Quite Contentedly Sit In Your Garden Through Any Kind of Weather. And Not Like One Minute of It!                                                                                                                               Exclusive Design. Cast In Weather-Resistant Resin For Year-Round Outdoor Display

A playful Gift For any Anura Lover!

7½"L x 7¼"W x 16¼"H

4.2 Rated 4.17 out of 5 Stars


Happy Frog Tabletop Birdbath                               FROG -BIRD -BATH

Birds Won't Be The Only Ones Enjoying This Charming Happy Frog Tabletop Birdbath. A Friendly Froggy Is Staking A Claim To This Birdbath To Make It His Own Personal Soaking Tub. We're Sure The Local Birds Won't Mind. In Fact, You'll Probably Be Keeping An Eye Out To Catch One Perched On His Head!

Cast In Weather-Resistant Resin From A Delightful Original Sculpture, The Bath Appears To Be Made From Rocks, Giving It A Really Natural Look. The Addition Of A Whimsical...And Decidedly Cheerful...Little Frog Just Amps Up The Fun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                10"L x 10½"W x 4½"H                                                                                                                                   

Happy Frog Tabletop Birdbath GO8016                                                

$24.95  Expected Ship: 07-30-2019


Thinking Frog Garden Statue


ON SALE! Was $59.95 You Save $34.96 (59%) $24.99

This Thinking Frog Garden Statue Certainly Has Something On His Mind. Is He Contemplating The Great Questions Of Life? Or Just Whether It's Time For Bug Watching?

This Engrossed Green Fellow Is A Whimsical Take On Rodin's Classic Statue"The Thinker." This Frog Will Look Just As Delightful Pondering By A Pond As He Will Deliberate In Your Den. Exclusive Design.

Frog Garden Stature Reinterpreting The Classic "Thinker" Statue Cast In Weather-Resistant Resin And Painted Green One Foot Tall A Delightful Decoration For Indoors or Out

7½" dia. x 12"H

Was $59.95 You Save $34.96 (59%) $24.99

Frog Fairy House


This Whimsical Vine-Covered Frog Fairy House Gets Its Name From The Delightful Visitor Who's Claimed A Spot On The Roof.

Internal LEDs Are Powered By A Discreet Solar Panel To Cast A Welcoming Glow After Dark Through The Windows And The Heart-Shaped Peephole.

Cast In Resin For Year-Round Outdoor Display, This Adorable Little Home In A Stone Is Going To Make Some Backyard Fairies Very Happy. Exclusive Design.

5½"L x 5"W x 8¾"H$29.95

Metal Mama & Baby Frogs Colorful Metal Sculpture           

Charming Metal Mama And Baby Frogs Colorful Metal Sculpture Captures A Moment In The Life Of A Mother. This Colorful Metal Sculpture Of A Mama Frog With Two Babies Will Help You Smile Through The Busiest Day.

Handcrafted From Reclaimed Metal By Indonesian Artisans, Each Amphibious Art Piece Is Hand Painted In Bright, Vibrant Colors.

Display This Cheery Trio Inside or Out, Wherever A Splash Of Color And Whimsy Are In Order!

11¼"L x 12¼"W x 8"H


Frog Riding Motorcycle Metal Wind Spinner


Frog Riding Motorcycle Metal Wind Spinner Is Breaking All The Garden Rules! A Cool Green Frog Wearing Goggles And All Is Cruising On His Stylish Chrome, A Black and Red Chopper With Classic Tall Handlebars.

Every Time The Breeze Blows, The Two Sets Of Silver Spokes On His Low Rider Motorcycle Spinner Will Twirl Smoothly In The Wind.

Handcrafted From Recycled Sheet Metal And Hand Painted By Artisans In Indonesia, This Vibrant Piece Of Motorcycle Kinetic Yard Art Is Given A Protective Finish So Our Fearless Frog Can Keep Chasing The Wind All Season Long.

A Unique Piece Of Fun And Funky This Frog Spinner Is For Any Yard And Garden. Motorcycle Enthusiasts And Frog Lovers Of All Ages Will Love This Unique Wind Sculpture!

Frog On Motorcycle Garden Wind Spinner Handcrafted From Reclaimed Sheet Metal Motorcycle' s Chrome Spokes Will Spin In The Breeze Vibrant, Iridescent Finish Weather Durable For Year-Round Outdoor Use

23"L x 4¾"W x 56"H

4.7 Rated 4.68 out of 5 stars


Set of 3 Metal Frog Pot Huggers

Grow Your Plants By Leaps And Bounds With A Set Of Three Metal Frog Pot Huggers. One Froggy Friend Hangs Upside-Down, Another Toady Fellow Hangs Tightly To The Side Of Your Planter, While A Third And Final Frog Reaches Up Into Your Pot With Legs Leaping Forward.

"Installation" Is Easy: Simply Place Each Dangling Frog Accent On Your Pot or Planter's Rim, And He'll Hang There For Seasons To Come!

Vibrant Primary Colors Of Red And Yellow Mix Delightfully With Secondary Colors Like Green And Purple, While Geometric Shapes Dance And Play Along The Rounded Surface Of Each Metal Frog Sculpture. Handcrafted In Indonesia

Approx. 5"W x 12"H

4.8 Rated 4.83 out of 5 stars


Giant Handcrafted Metal Frog with Binoculars

Frog with Binoculars

Just Chillin And Searching The Skies, Totally Unaware That Everyone Is Looking At Him! I Guess Size Does Matter. This Whimsical Frog Is Over 3 1/2 Feet Tall And Sits Casually, Legs Crossed, On Any Seat or Edge.

The Question Is, What Is Our Curious Frog Looking At Through His Binoculars—Is He Bug Watching, Gazing At An Alien Ship Or Watching Planes Fly Over?

Hand-Hammered From Recycled Weather-Resistant Sheet Metal By Balinese Artisans, Then Finished With Mottled Green And Bronze Hues.

Ready To Enjoy The Sunshine All Year Long, This
Metal Frog Garden Art Is An Impressive Accent For Your Patio Wall,
Garden Bench or Indoor Decor. Frog With Binoculars Is Unique Home Decor At it's Best! Indoor or Outdoor

16"W x 15½"D x 41"H

4.7 Rated 4.71 Out of 5 Stars


Teepee-Style Clay Toad House                                            TEEPEE

Give Your Backyard Buddies A Place To Call Home With This Charming Teepee-Style Clay Toad House.

The Cone-Shaped House Is Handcrafted From Honduran Clay And Decorated With Etchings Inspired by Native American Art. Three Wood Dowels At The Top Complete The Illusion Of An Actual Teepee.

Toads Consume Dozens Of Insects And Slugs Every Day, So A Toad House Makes A Great Gift For The Gardener In Your Life. And Even When Nobody's Home, This Charming Cream-Colored Teepee Style Ceramic Toad House Is A Lovely Backyard Decoration.

9½" dia. x 11"H
Teepee-Style Clay Toad House-HD1106

Sale $24.99 $44.95 You Save $19.96 (45%)

Tower of Frogs Yard Sculpture

They Are Unique And Whimsical This Trio Tower Of Frogs. This Is One Piece Of Garden Art That's Sure To Cause Plenty Of Joy A Bunch Of Smiles...

And Probably A Giggle Or Two. Three Fabulous Frogs Staked One On Top Of The Other. Even If You Don't Have A Pond, You Will Find A Place In The Garden That's Just Right For This Towering Trio Of Frogs.

This Unusual Garden Art Is Cast In Weather-Resistant Resin From A Charming Original Sculpt. The Paint Job Is Spot On, With Bright Green Bodies And Alert Yellow Eyes. And The Smiles Just Can't Be Beat.

10¾"L x 9¼"W x 17¼"H


  Storybook Toad House                                                                                                                                                                                                         Toad-House                                                                                                                                     Welcome Insect-Eating Frogs And Toads To Your Garden.

This Roomy B&B Attracts Them With Inviting Walls Of Cool, Fiber-Reinforced Concrete. You'll Love The Enchanting, Storybook Design And Antique Finish. Handcrafted in Georgia.

Size11"H x 10" Dia.

4.8 Rated 4.75 Out of 5 Stars

Storybook Toad House HA1637

Expected Ship:06/27/2019
Extra Shipping Charge: $5.00

Metal Dancing Frog Stake

Metal Dancing Frog Stake. This Metal Dancing Frog Statue Has To Be One Of The Most Delightful Frog Decorations Out There. This Colorful Fellow Would Love To Get His Groove On In A Garden Of Flowers With A High Step And A Hand Clap, Ready To Dance.

Handcrafted From Reclaimed Metal And Painted In Vibrant Colors Equipped With A Sturdy Metal Stake To Ensure Secure Installation In The Ground.

8"L x 5"W x 18"H

Rated 5 Out of 5 Stars


Mini Toad Houses                            Toad-Houses

Invite Creatures From Around Your Garden To Join This Toad In His Home. Perfect For Any Garden, Our Mini Toad Houses Are Handcrafted In Georgia Of Weather Durable Fiber-Reinforced Concrete.

miniMini: 5-1/2"H x 6"H
Mini Toad House -$49.95
Expected Ship:06/27/2019

Large: 6-1/2"H x 8"W
Large Toad House - $59.95
Expected Ship:06/27/2019

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Peeping Frog SculpturePeeping-Frog-Sculpture

Who's That Peeping In Your Garden Flowers? A Happy Green Frog Sculpture, And He's As Pleased As He Can Be Tucked Into The Mulch or Nestled In The Grass So He Appears To Be Emerging From A Secret Hiding Place.

His big eyes and cheerful smile will bring you, Joy, Every time you walk on by.

The way He Nestles Into The Landscape Gives Him Just Enough Realism To Have Visitors Doing D double-Take. Cast In Weather-Resistant Resin To Ensure A Long Outdoor Life, This Happy Frog Will Have All Visitors Looking Twice.

11¼"L x 10¼"W x 7"H

4.9 Rated 4.9 Out of 5 Stars


Well Folks, That Was Fun And I Hope You Enjoyed All My Little Frogs Facts And Fun Decor. This Garden Shop Is The Most Unique Little Secret I Have Ever Stumbled Across And I Just Have To Share.

All The Best,

joanne@asecretinthegarden.comMy Friends call me Jo

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2 thoughts on “Move Over Ebay No More Etsy Shop Frogs On Sale

  1. Ablati

    Oh that's the kind of frogs I like!! I saw so many tasteless garden decorations, so I started to dislike all of them in general. Your frogs forced me to rethink my prejudice. Those are so cute. I like the idea to hide small toad or frog statuette in the garden, so you could find them spontaneously while walking around.

    I’ll consider as a present such element of decor for my mother-in-law. She has a great sense of humor, so I'm sure, she’ll accept with a smile my favorite of all your frogs- the grumpy one.

    1. admin

      It's a frog thing. I like him a lot too, but the one reading I just love. hahaha I am so embarrassed you found my blog before I could finish my edit. I had computer trouble and went into a panic knowing it was not edited and I would not be home all day to fix it. I am going to do that same idea with all the little nature spirits. I think butterflies may be next. Thank you so much for overlooking my Non-Edited blog. With that thought, I best get to it.


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