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Walmart Online Shopping Vs. Going To Walmart

Walmart Online Shopping Vs.Going To Walmart

I Hate Visiting Your Local Walmart Stores, There Are Always So Many People And Never Enough Registers Open If I Go At "Normal" Hours.

I Don't Venture To Your Store During The Busy Time Of The Day. If I Need To Shop I Go Before 6 Am Or After 7 PM. It's Just A Busy Place, Even The Self Check Out Registers Never Stop. Walmart-garden-center

I Have Read Some Reviews About How "Bad" And Unfriendly You Employees Are. Personally, I Have Never Had This Problem.

I Am A True Believer That Other Folks Respond To Us By The Way We Respond To Them. They Are Always Friendly To Me And Have Gone Out Of Their Way On Many Occasions To Help Me Find Something.


You Can't Beat Walmart Prices Most Of The Time. I Actually Started Shopping Walmart Online Before I Ever Shopped In The Stores.Roll-back

I Can't Handle The People Situation. I Do Believe I Have Mentioned I Am An Energy Conduit (Empath) And When I Get In Crowds All This Energy Bothers Me. It Stresses Me Out And I Come Home Exhausted.

A Few Years Ago I had A Flock Of Chickens, And I Did Not Want Them To Live In A Pen. I Wanted Them To Run Free But I knew They Needed Some Kind Of Enclosure Or They Were Going To Eat Every Bit Of My Garden.

So I Enclosed A Large Area, It Was About 25 Feet x 60 Feet. I Wasn't Prepared For What Happened Next.

Every Local Hawk, Buzzard, And Fox In The Vicinity Learned Really Quick, About My Chickens. I Managed To Secure The Ground Area With Spikes And Wire, so Even A Digging Fox Was Not Getting In.

The Problem Going On Above My Head Was A Big Issue. I was Constantly Chicken Sitting and Running Off The Local Hawk. Not To Mention How Much Work It Was To Gather The Flock. Then Lock Them In The 8x10 Cage They Stayed In At Night.


I Went To The Local Farmers Supply Store, But They Did Not Have Any Of The Large Size I Needed. I Was Shocked At How Much Money This Bird Net Was Going To Costs.

I Came Home Determined I was Going To Purchase This Online. I Was Also Devastated By The Online Prices, This Was Not Going To Be Cheap.

Some How During Relentless Searches I Found One! Just The Right Size And It Was Dirt Cheap. I Was Shocked, It Was Wally World(Walmart).


The Walmart Online Ordering And Payment Was Simple And Easy, So I ordered It. It Came So Fast, And My Chickens Sure Were Glad! I Have Been An Online Customer Ever Since.


Another Time They Saved Me From My Own Mess Of Not Planning Well Was The Yarn Story.

I Had A Crochet Rug Project I Started To Make With Older Yarn I Already Had On Hand. I Ran Out And I Checked The Local Store I Had Originally Purchased It At Only To Find They No Longer Carried It.

Yarn Is Like Fashion

Yarn Is Like Fashion, And They Are Always Changing Out The Old Designs For New Patterns And Colors Of Yarn. Of Course, I Found It Online At Walmart.

This Time I Did It A Little Different. It Was Not And Urgent Purchase, And I Did Not Want To Tag On Extra For The Shipping. So I Had It Delivered To The Local Store For Pick-Up.

This Took A Little Longer, And I Was Not Fond Of Having To Go In The Store And Wait In Customer Service Lines.

Even That Was Not Bad. The Service Was Fast, and The Employees Was Kind And Efficient.

When I First Arrived, I Parked In The Grocery Store Pick-Up Area. When I questioned The Employee, He Informed Me I was Not Supposed To Park There. He Told Me, Hurry And Next Time You Will Know.

He Let Me Stay Parked There. Does Not Sound Like "Bad Employees"Too Me

Now I Do Both,

I Shop in The local Store Only When I Plan The Trip To Avoid All The People And Busy Registers.

Grocery Pick-Up

I Have Never Attempted The Grocery Pick-Up Yet, But I Plan To.

I Use A Lot Of Fresh Produce I Like Yo Pick Myself. If Any Of You Have Tried The Online Grocery Pick, Please Leave A Comment And Let Us Know How Your Experience Was.

The Local Stores Carry A Lot Of Items I Have Trouble Finding In Other Stores, And It Is Always At A Lower Price.

Tom's And Hello Toothpaste Are Always A Better Price At Walmart. I Also Use This Old Brand Coconut Soap, And I Can Only Find It At One Other Store In This Area, But It Is Over.50 More And There Are 2 Bars Instead Of The Three I usually Buy At Walmart.

The Garden CenterWalmart garden center

I Made My Garden Trip There A Couple Of Weeks Back Because Of Another Walmart Discovery I had On Accident Last Year.

My Garden. Did Mention That I use Organic Fertilizer And Grow Organic Produce?Flower-Gardens

Organic Garden Supplies Are Not Cheap So I figured I would Check On The Price Of Their Fertilizer.

Not Only Was It A Better Price I Found Out They Had A Huge Variety Full Of Beautiful Organic Vegetable Plants! Tomatoes, Peppers, Squashes, Eggplant I Filled Up My Carriage.

This Year I Am Late Because Of My Deer Friends And The Queen, MS.Poison Ivy. So I decided to Sneak In And See If They Had ANYTHING Left. Most Of The Stores In North Carolina Usually Start Removing The Garden Supplies In June. It Is Just Too Hot Here.

I Found What I Needed They Have Some Beautiful Plants, Healthy Looking, Even This Late In Our N Carolina Season. They Are In The Secret Garden Already Being Tended To By The Garden Fairies.Healthy-Garden-Plants

Today I decided We Should Take A Look Around The Online Garden Shop. It Is Time For All Those Garden Flowers To Have What They Need To Bloom Through The Season.

Time To Put Invasive Plants In Pots And Maybe Find Some Unique Home Decor To Add Some Spice To Our Patio Living. They Have So Many Patio Living Ideas, You Don't Know Which One To Pick.

Pebble Embossed Stone Finish Round Planter (Small)Pebble-Embossed-Stone-Finish-Round-Planter-(Small)

Love Where You Live With Winsome House Planters. This Planter IS Made Of Durable Fiber-Clay, With A Decorative Pebble-Design

  • Decorative Pebble Band Stone Finish Round Planter (Small) is extremely durable, and can withstand most effects of weathering.
  • The smooth finish with pebble band provides a traditional look and feel of Southwestern d?cor.
  • UV Resistant
  • Includes drainage holes, 0.8" - 1"

    Adams Deck Planterdeck-planter

deck-planter                                                                                                   Extra-large, Deck Box - Stronger Than Typical Planters, The Thick Walls Will Not Bend After planting. The planter Includes a Plug For Drainage. Constructed of Resin, It Will Not Rust, Peel, or Rot And Is UV ProtecteSo its Color Will Not Fade. Perfect To Add A Splash Of Color To Your Deck or Patio.
Adams Deck Planter:

  • Extra-large, sturdy deck box
  • Thick walls will not bend when planted
  • Includes plug for easy drainage
  • Adams planter is constructed of durable resin
  • Will not rust, peel or rot
  • UV-protected to maintain its color
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Looks nice on apartment balconies or backyard patios
  • Comes in 3 different colors: White, Sage Green and portobello

Modesto 42 Inch Tall Planter - Black       

  With a sloped top and grooved texture, the Modesto collection offers a bold twist to a contemporary design that truly captures the elusive flair of European styling. It’s hard to believe such beauty and elegance can be found in a form that appears so simple and Un-contrived. Make a statement with this highly functional and attractive planter.

  • Textured finish for increased durability
  • Constructed from 100% polyethylene which delivers an amazingly realistic and incredibly strong planter.
  • The weather-proof and ultra-tough construction allows you to enjoy your planter all year long with very little winter preparation.
  • Double wall design for increased rigidity
  • Outside Dimensions: 22"D x 42"H. Inside Dimensions: 45.6"D x 12.7"Deep
  • Soil Capacity: 12 Gallons (45 Liters)
  • The UV inhibitors within the resin allows for a long lasting fade-free performance.
  • Designed for year round indoor or outdoor use
  • 15 Year Warranty – Residential Application, 5 Year Warranty – Commercial Application

Decmode Set of 2 Modern 17 and 21 Inch Wood and Fiber-Clay Planters, WhiteDeck-PlantersSet of two 17", 21" New Traditional fiber clay planters, two rectangular white planters made of fiber clay and fiber glass with textured finish, four-pronged stands made of beech wood Decmode Set of 2 Modern 17 and 21 Inch Wood and Fiberclay Planters, White

  • Various dimensions in set
  • Clay, fiberglass, and wood construction
  • Select from available finish options
  • Simple modern planter box
  • 4 legs for stability
  • Includes 2 planters
  • Suitable for indoor and covered outdoor us

Urban Trends 2-Piece Ceramic Pot Planter Set  

Round Ceramic  Honey Comb design. Number of Pots Included:

  • Set includes 2 planter pots
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Honey comb design
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Number of Items Included: 2

You  Would Be Amazed At How The Patio Can Become Part Of The Garden With Some Outdoor Furniture, A Few Inviting Pieces Of Decor And Some Plant Pot Full Of Garden Flowers.

Turn Your Patio Into A Special Outdoor Living Area. They Have So Many Items For Patio Living You Can Really Make This A Special Place To Eat, Entertain Or just Read A Book.Patio-Ideas

                                                                                                                                 Outdoor Swivel Rocking Lounge ChairsPatio-LivingInstantly create an intimate conversation space with a pair of Orleans Outdoor Swivel Rocking Chairs from Hanover. Each chair features a set of plush outdoor cushions, premium handwoven resin frames, and a heavy-duty steel base for long-lasting durability. Each chair performs a 360-degree spin gentle rocking motion so guests can rest comfortably without limitations. The plush back and seat cushions are made with soft olefin fabric and extra-thick with layers of foam that will cradle you in complete comfort.The frames are treated with a 7-step protective finish so they last much longer outdoors and resist rust during the toughest weather conditions. Once assembled, place these rockers next to an end table or other patio items to create a comfortable place to retreat and catch up with a loved one.

  • Set of two swivel rocking chairs from the Orleans Collection
  • 360-degree spin performance with gentle rocking abilities
  • Handwoven resin strapping with open-weave details
  • Heavy-duty steel frames treated for ultimate outdoor weather protection
  • Plush back and seat cushions included for each chair
  • Premium olefin fabric is soft to the touch and stain-resistant
  • Thick layers of foam allow water to pass through easily, so the cushions dry faster and maintain their original shape
  • Made with low-maintenance, outdoor-grade materials
  • Assembly required
  • 1-year limited warranty

Walmart Online

So Let's Be On Our Way To Walmart Online And See What We Can Find In The Garden Shop.

Oh, Hold Up A Second. Did You Know That Walmart Had An Online Book Club Partnership With Kobo Books? You Can Access Almost 50,000 Books Online. Good Job Walmart, and Kobo. I LOVE Books!

Walmart Affiliate Program

While I Was Learning Affiliate Marketing I Discovered They Have An Affiliate Program. So I Have Joined To Promote Their Online Stores.

Online Walmart's Are Incredible Huge! They Nothing Like The Busy Lines, And Lots Of Freaky Folks, We Associate With Wally World.

They Also Carry More Items That The Old Fashion Brick And Mortar Building Could Ever Hold.

I Even Found An "Adult" Section.

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