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Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Oh What A Beautiful Morning, Oh What A Beautiful Day! I Think I'll Walk In My Garden And Catch Some Faeries At Play. It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood I Am  Feeling Grateful. What A Beautiful Place To Live My Neighborhood Is.

This Is My View From The Back Yard. I Wait Every Year In Anticipation

Of These. I Have Not Thinned Them In Years. They Just Take Your Breath


What a Beautiful Place to Live
What a Beautiful Place to Live


Oh What A Beautiful Day

Today Is Easter,. hahaha I Do Not Know When This Blog Will Get Published. I Have Many In The Works. I Am Interested In Everything!

In The  Secret Garden
In The Secret Garden

I Do Often Stop To Refresh Myself By And See If I Can Catch A Glimpse Of Activity In My Fairy Gardens, There Is Always Something Magical Going On.

Sometimes I Grab a Book And Sneak In The Secret Garden And let The Book Take Me To Another Dimension, I Become So absorbed Veteran Gardener And I Have Not Planted The First Seed Or Cleaned The First Garden Bed Yet.

 Affiliate Marketing Websites
Affiliate Marketing Websites


I Mentor A Group Of Affiliate Students And Own A Couple Of Websites That I Maintain. I'm A Busy Girl. Oh Yeah, And I Am Still Learning This Internet Affiliate Marketing Thing Myself.


There is a reason

In The Secret Garden
In The Secret Garden

I Live In A Woody Setting And They Have Cleared 2 Areas Of Woods Within The Vicinity Of My Property In The Last 2 Years To Build New Housing Communities.


When You Strip Mother Nature All Her Creatures Are On The Move. The First Year, We Had Coyotes That Were Stealing Small Dogs And Cats Out Of Our Yards While Hunting. It Is Not Their Fault They Are Just Acclimating To Their New Circumstances. They Don't think Oh Someone's Dog Let Me Eat It. They Are On The Hunt To SURVIVE, Circle Of Life And We Took Their Land.

Silly Dog

By The Fall Winter I Noticed A Young Mother Deer And Brand New Saby Still Spotted Hiding In The  Adjacent Overgrown Field By My Secret Garden. I Have A Lot Going On This Year So I Decided To Let That Mamma And Her Baby Get Stable. They Will Move On, After She Decides Baby Is Safe. Plus I Have A Big Dog Are Not Fond Of.


You Are My Garden This Year. May I Please Plant You Full Of Seeds, Flowers Nature And The Spirit Realm? I Will Keep You Updated With Mom And Baby Deer, Who Has Grown So Much, No More Baby Spots.

My Secret Garden

I Think I Did Mention In My About Joanne Page That I Work Online?

I Am An Affiliate Marketer And Mentor, While Working One Day I Came Across A Very Unique Home Decor Shop. It Just Fit In With The Mystical Life-style I \Live And I Fell In Love With The Shop! They Have The Most Unique Home Decor I Have Ever Seen

Fast Forward May 3, 2019

I Atarted This Post 12 Days Ago And Intended On Coming Back In To Write About What A Beautiful Day It Is To Start Cleaning Up My Faerie Spaces.

Well, The Day Did Not Turn Out That Beautiful. We Had A Death In The Family The Next Day, She Was 10.

What An Uncomfortable Feeling To Tell Your Secret (Communicator With Passed) to Someone Who Has Just Lost Their Only Child.

I Have Met Her Spirit Already, She Likes Fireflies And Asked Me To Teach Her Dad How To Communicate With Her So He Will Quit Feeling So Lost..

Tell Him She Is Okay, They Usually Request You To Tell Them I Am Okay. Like I Made It.

Talk About A Hard Job!

With That Thought In  My Heart, For All The Family's That Lose Loved One's And Don't Know How To Feel. I Send You My Love And Hope My Stories Give You Comfort.

Go Make A Small Garden Even If It Is Just Some Plants In Pots To Change Your Energy.

I Am A Conduit In The Nature Realm So I Shall Continue My Quest Today And Clean Up My Secret Garden. Faeries Like Your Flowerbeds And Entry Ways To Be Clean And Appealing.

Oh, Mother Nature. I live In The Area That Was Hit By Head On By A Hurricane In September So There Is Plenty Of Cleaning To Do. Every Time We Have A Windy Day The Yard Becomes Full Of The Dead Debris Stuck In The Trees.

Oh, And Did I Mention I Have Over 200 Azalea's That Are Waiting For Me To Cut Them Back?

Sunday May 5th Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo For Some Of You.

It’s An Annual Celebration In Observance Of The Mexican Army’s Victory Over The French Empire At The Battle Of Puebla In 1862.

Working In My Secret Garden  Today I Took A Walk In The Garden And Decided I Just Have To Grow Things.  My Friend Called Me A Liar. She Told Me I Say Every Year I Am Not Growing Garden And Of Course I Do. It's In My Soul. Plus? Who Else Is Going To Keep The fairy Grounds Clean If I Don't?

Garden Flowers
Garden Flowers

So As I Started Again I Was Reminded To Put Invasive Plants In Pots, Or Those That Are Close To Your Heart. My Garden Is Over Very Run Right Now Between The Spearmint The Elephant Ears And My Friend Poison, Ivy That Is. So I Am Off To Research For Some Great Tips About Plant Pots And Poison ivy

Being An Affiliate Marketer

That Is The Best Part Of Being An Affiliate Marketer, I Get To See All These New Companies Before Most. The BEST Part Of All This Cleaning Is Getting To Replace My Garden Decor With A Whole New Fairy Garden Look.

Unique Home Decor
Unique Home Decor

I Did Want You All To Know I Will Be Leaving Links To Some Of My Beautiful Finds So You May Purchase Them If You Like.

It Is All About Love And Sharing, It Reduces Fear And Lets You Know You Are Not Alone. I Want You All To Not Be Scared Of What You Can Not See. Sometimes In Life The Things Going On Around Us Cause Us To Awaken Spiritually And We See And Understand Things A Little Different.

So Be Weird Like Me And Let Your Light Shine. It Is Very Welcome On My Site.  But That Is Not Sole Purpose Of My Site. You Are Always Welcome On My Site,  Feel Free To Share Your Mystical Encounter With Us. I Love Reading These Stories I Can't Wait To Read Yours.                                                                                                                                                           love and light,                                                                                                                                                                 Me                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This Post May Contain Affiliate lLinks. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info

2 thoughts on “Oh What a Beautiful Morning

  1. Kalaya Mauk

    Hello, Joanne!

    I enjoyed reading your post about the orbs. I have an AAS in ParaPsychology. I like the way that you bring it out in a manner that enlightens the reader versus putting fear into the reader.

    I would suggest using Grammarly (not an affiliate, just a user). I noticed with my last blog post at 2:30 am that several instances I used "their" when speaking of location & it passed through the WordPress grammar checker. Embarrassingly, a reader pointed it out as I was going in to change it.

    I appreciate the post. It's meaningful, high-quality content, and good reference usage. It's amazing that you already are collecting valid data on the subject.

    I know that most people dismiss orbs and skeptics attempt to scientifically dismiss them. Others think that they are hallucinating when they see them and stay in the fear of being called crazy.

    The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of hoaxes and pranksters that mimic them, and this is what brings about fear and skepticism.

    Kudos, on a job well done.

    1. admin

      When you live the life you have to get over the fear. If you pay attention in spirit you have more chances of communicating with these beings. There are times when they will speak through me. One of the ways I can tell it is a spirit. It's a conduit thing. What people would call empaths are really individuals who are more sensitive to earth's energies and frequencies. It's an interesting life, to say the least. My children call me a recluse and I admit it, I AM. When I get in large gatherings there is just too much energy for me to deal with. The guy on the side on me worrying about his mad girlfriend and the lady on the other side of me anxious over a sick one and then the girl behind me is sad because of whatever. Talk about feel E Motions? I feel everybodys! I have the grammar I guess I should use it.


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