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What Is An Orb and Are Spirits Real?

What are Orbs?

What are Orbs?

What is an Orb?

Those Floating Energetic Balls Of Light That Sometimes Find Their Way To Our Photographs?

After My Personal Experiences With Them, I Think They Are Just The Energy Of A Spirit Or Soul After They Lose Form(Death) To Manifest Their Consciousness..

I Am Also Aware That Most People Think Orbs Pictures Are Particles Of Dust And Dirt On Your Camera Lens Or A Light Reflection From The Flash On The Camera? Can That Be The Cause Of The Orbs? I Just Needed To Find Out!

I Ran Across More Than One Blog With Tips On How To Capture Orbs Pictures On Camera. They Suggested Pointing Your Camera At Your Shot And Taking Your Pictures Consecutively While Keeping Your Camera Pointing At The Subject.

I Just Had To Try It For Myself. A Few Of The Blogs I Red Even Suggested Talking To Them If You Had An Intuition Of Who It Could Be. I Was Still Way Too Scared For That.

Hahaha, I Used To Call My Son In California From North Carolina, Like He Was Going To Say "I'll Be Right There".

Spirit Orbs Pictures

Orbs on the Move

So I Took Out My 35mm Camera That I Had Used Regularly For eBay, I knew I Had Already Captured Orb Pictures On Camera Without Even Trying While I Working.

I Found That In Most Orb Photos The Orbs Do Not Appear In Every Photo When You Do This Consecutive Shots Thing. When I Took 20 Shots Not All Of Them Would Have Orbs Or The Orbs Were In Different Places. How Interesting I Thought.

When I Looked At All The Pictures I Was Awestruck But Scared To Death Now. I Became Obsessed With All This Spirit Orbs Pictures, Talk About Using Batteries.


I Became Aware Of My Dog's Behavior. One Would Stare At Them Even Though I Could Not See Them She Sure Could. The Big Dog I Have Seen Him Pay Them Attention, But For The Most Part, He Does Not Seem Bothered By Them. Just Like People, Some Are Aware, Some Are Not. When They Came To Close To The Spirit Watcher Or Her Bed She Was Out Of There.

And Out Would Come My Camera!

More Orb Pictures

I Learned To Feel Them, The Energy Of A Spirit Presence. She Has Since Passed My Old Spirit Watcher Dog, But She Loved To Sleep In Boxes? Unless The Spirits Came To Close. I Used To Tell Folks All The Time, If You Want To Take Spirit Pictures Watch Your Dog Because They Can See Them..


When I Was Searching These Websites I Was Just Fascinated With These Orbs, Pictures, And Stories. People All Over The World Writing About Having The Same Experiences, With A Different Story.

Cynthia Rae

Another Like-Minded Person I Came Across In My Search Through Facebook.  I Was Looking To Meet Other Individuals Experiencing Natural Phenomenon And Visits. We Are Known As Conduits She Allowed Me To Use Her Photo And Thoughts About Orbs. A Big Thank You, Orbs In Flight"

"It's Not Unusual To See A Sentient/Spirit Face More Detailed Protruding At The Front Of The Orb In A Darker Color". Orbs in Flight".

Orbs in Flight

Come Along On
Cynthia Rae's Journey To See & Hear The Many Manifestations Of Spirit Captured While She Is Researching & Exploring The Paranormal

I Don't Think

Mind Body Spirit


Our Human Being Or Existence Is Multidimensional (Mind Body Spirit). It Includes The Mental, The Physical, The Spiritual And The Emotional. Most Of Us Have Heard The Phrase Being Of Mind, Body, and Spirit, It Means Being Conscious, Being Aware That We Are Coexisting With Different Layers Of Energy

All Of These Layers Are Energetically Connected(Mind Body Spirit), They Make Up Our Conscious. All These Layers Of Conscious Are What Makes Our Soul Energy /Personality, or Who We Are, Our Consciousness.


Definition of Consciousness is Origin  Latin conscius "knowing, aware,"

Being concerned or interested Marked By Feelings.From Greek syneidēsis, Literally, Consciousness, Awareness,

Thank You Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

You Help Me Learn And Keep Me Conscious. I Use Your References On And Offline.Spirit And Guides

Spirit and Guides

Spirits and Guides

Some Of Us Think Of Them As Light Beings, Sentient Spirits, Angels, Spirit Guides, Passed Loved Ones Or Guardian Angels.

Light Being

Beings Of Light From A Higher Dimension That You May Encounter On Earth. Their Energy Is Ever Present Where Light Is Needed On Earth. To Me, This Is A Form Of Spirit Guides, Guiding The Way Or Showing The Light.

They Can Be A Passed Loved One who Is Now Your Guardian Angel. Some Talk Of Experiencing Animal Guides, Angels.There Are Many Different Kinds Of Light Beings /Sentient Spirits On Earth And In Other Dimensions..

Sentient Spirits

My Definition Of Sentience Is TIe Consciousness Of All life. Form And Formless Living Things Have Some Level Of Consciousness. Having Awareness Thoughts And Sensations..

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

Definition Of Sentient Origin Latin Sentient- ‘Feeling’, From The Verb Sentire. One Who Feels And Responds To Sensations

.This Includes ALL Energetic Forces Including Mother Nature And All of Her Beings, Trees, Flowers, Plants, Animals And The Multi-Dimensional Beings( Faeries,) That Exists In And From Other Dimensions.

Ghosts and Evil Spirits


Some People Are Fearful, They Think They Are Ghosts Or Some Kind Of Evil Spirits. Some Can Be Evil, But Most Are Not. But Going With The Thought That They Are A Soul's Energy They Usually Manifest The Same Personality (Consciousness) They Had While In Still In A Physical Form.

The Information I Have Gathered Over The Years About Ghosts Leads Me To Believe This: When The Form Body Is Shedding (Death) For Loss Of Better Words, it Leaves A Translucent Looking Body Form In It's Transit From Earth To The Next Dimension..

All Beings Are Different In This Unique Transit To The Next Dimension. Some Beings Are Not Able To Detach From This Realm As Easily And Appear As What We Call A Ghost.

This Can Also Happen When The Beings Death Was Traumatic Or They Feel Like They Need To Take Care Of Some Unfinished Business Here On Earth. It Takes These Types Longer To Leave The Earthly Dimension.

Thoughts + Feelings = Things

So CHILL Out and Breathe!

Awareness Of The Fact That We Really Do Attract What We Think (Ghost) And Feel(Fear). Being Fearful Will Attract, Something To Be Fearful Of Thoughts + Feelings = Things(Wallace Wattles).

Planetary Forces, Cosmic Forces, Universal Laws. Everything Is Energy. We Attract Like Energy, Awareness Is Very Important. You Live Under Universal Laws Whether You Accept It Or Not. You Breathe Air, You Are Grounded Gravity.Existing In The Cosmos

Existing in the Cosmos

Slow Down......

Quit Being Fearful So You Can "Feel The Surrounding Energy" And Use Your Intuition To Feel. Intuition Is That Feeling You Get In Your Gut.

The Universe Is A Large Place and Planet Earth Is Like A Grain Of Sand In The Depth Of The Universe.

Another Thing We Can Not Seem To Grasp Is The Fact That All Of The Universe Is ONE Complete Being Made Up Of Many Organisms, Like Us.

Humans Are Always Trying To Separate Things. The Red Ones, The Black Ones, The Fuzzy Ones, The Big Ones, STOP It Already And Come To Awareness, The Awareness That We Are All Connected. Like 1 Pixel In A Picture, You Need Them All To Make A Complete Picture. I Like To Think Of Each Us (Beings) As Just 1 Cell Of The Organism Called Universe, Mother Earth, Gaia, God Source??? They Are All The Same, Source(Of Energy).

Multi Dimensional Beings


The Multi-Dimensional Being That Makes You Up Is Connected To All Other Multi-Dimensional Beings, in All The Universes Dimensions Planets Galaxy's, We All Co-exist Together.Becoming The 1 Organism. It Has A Name It Is Called Collective Consciousness All These Layers Of Conscious We Intertwine With. It Only Makes Sense That We Can Communicate With Them All Using Telepathy. HaHaHa, But My Friend Is A Whole Other Blog, Soon To Come.

What Is A Spirit?

My Answer Would Be A Wave Of Energy With A Conscience. Because I Believe We Are All Energy And When We Pass Our Physical Body May Disintegrated ed But Our Soul/Spirit Energy Lives On. Something That Is Connecting The Heart And The Mind, Not The Brain The Mind.

“Energy Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed, It Can Only Be Changed From One Form To Another.” ―Einstein. With The Thought That We Are All Connected And Are All Made Out Of Energy. Yes, I So Do Believe Spirits Are Real. I Have Had Many Encounters And Will Continue To Share My Stories, In Between Gardening That Is..

Are Spirits Real?

I Believe Spirits Are Real. I Believe They Are A Passed Loved One Trying to Communicate With You Through Their Spirit (Non-Physical Body) or Soul Energy.I  Believe We Are Just Energy.

I Have Personally Experienced This. Learning How To Connect With Non-Form And Form Energies On A More Telepathic Intuitive Level.

I Would Love To Hear From You So Please Leave Me A Comment. Do You Have An Encounter That Was Special You Would Like To Share?
All the Best,

joanne@asecretinthegarden.comMy Friends call me Jo

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